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Winesburg Is Now MAVIN Furniture: A New Name For Old-fashioned Quality

For over 55 years, Furniture Fair has offered many high-quality brands to customers on our showroom floor. Brands come and go, but our commitment to quality remains the same.

One of the best solid wood dining brands we’ve featured here at the Fair is now getting a new name. Palettes by Winesburg, a company known for manufacturing the best quality solid wood, custom dining sets is now rebranding under a new name, MAVIN.

While MAVIN might be a new name to everyone, it carries with it the legacy of a brand that has stood for style, sustainability, and longevity, with a commitment to made in USA quality.

Read on to learn more about the Winesburg name change and to find out more about the future plans that MAVIN has for continuing to provide the highest quality solid wood dining furniture.

Winesburg Is Now MAVIN Furniture: A New Name For Old-fashioned Quality
Winesburg Is Now MAVIN Furniture: A New Name For Old-fashioned Quality


MAVIN is part of several family-owned and operated wood manufacturing businesses located in Dundee, Ohio. After years of working to find a unifying brand identity across all of their woodworking companies, Winesburg has gathered all of its businesses under one banner, MAVIN.

So what is MAVIN, and what does the company hope to represent with this collective rebranding? When asked about the change, director of sales and marketing, Kyle Schlabach remarked, “At our core, we are a group of people that are passionate about what we do and the resources we feel blessed to steward. We chose the name MAVIN because it not only represents our past experience but because it also challenges us for the future, to lead by example, set a standard for performance, and to positively impact our people and our community.”

According to the dictionary, MAVIN is a term for an expert in their field who has the highest level of knowledge about their craft. When it comes to raw lumber and the manufacturing processes involved, MAVIN earns this new moniker ten times over.

The company has over three generations of experience in the lumber, woodworking, and furniture manufacturing industries. MAVIN has a vertically integrated manufacturing process which means from tree to table, they control the manufacturing process.

MAVIN President Brian Coblentz is proud of their process, stating, “Where other timber companies are selling the lumber to be made into wood products, we take it all the way to the final product ourselves. We don’t have to source from any other business because we are the source.”

With a vertically integrated manufacturing process, quality control is higher than most manufacturers, and the streamlined process allows for less wasted materials and a more controlled, sustainable timber harvesting schedule.

MAVIN uses every part of a tree in some way, virtually eliminating waste materials. Whether it be through furniture manufacturing, industrial pallets, wood chips, mulch, or even wood shavings, every part of the tree is put to use and not wasted.

MAVIN is committed to crafting the highest quality wood furniture on earth and also leaving the earth better than it was before. Thanks to their efficient processes, MAVIN is leading the way for sustainable wood manufacturing.

Winesburg Is Now MAVIN Furniture: A New Name For Old-fashioned Quality
Winesburg Is Now MAVIN Furniture: A New Name For Old-fashioned Quality

What Does The MAVIN Name Change Mean For Me?

If you are a fan or owner of a solid wood dining set bought under the Winesburg name, do not worry. The same quality you received under the Winesburg name is still present with MAVIN. Solid wood manufacturing complete with the industry’s best wood finish on the market is still the goal for every MAVIN dining set.

MAVIN strives to continue to bring its best every day and to help educate consumers on raw wood and the best manufacturing processes available. The same quality that was Winesburg, is now unified with the entire MAVIN manufacturing process under one name signifying the best quality solid wood furniture for your home.

Ready To Rediscover The Best In Quality Dining Furniture With MAVIN?

Winesburg has undergone a name change but its commitment to quality, sustainability, and solid wood manufacturing remains the same under its new banner. MAVIN means expertise, and superior craftsmanship and their new name is an indicator of just that.

Remember that MAVIN quality is the same as Winesburg but under a more unified banner. Keep in mind that MAVIN’s vertical integrated manufacturing process means that its commitment to quality and sustainability is ensured.

Finally, don’t forget that MAVIN is committed to providing the highest quality solid wood dining sets in the industry, and is dedicated to providing a dining space that you, your children, and perhaps even their children can enjoy for years to come.

If you are curious about MAVIN’s new branding or want to experience the timeless quality of hardwood dining furniture for yourself, consider visiting our showrooms located throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana and Louisville.

If you’d like to learn more about the brand that is now MAVIN, check out our complete brand review and learn about why MAVIN dining sets are of superior quality and made in the USA.

Winesburg Is Now MAVIN Furniture: A New Name For Old-fashioned Quality
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