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Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)

Are you in the market for a custom sofa, chaise sectional, or chaise lounge? Perhaps you want a deep sitting sectional for a more lounge-like feel. If you are looking for brands that offer deeper seating and are also customizable, you may have come across two similar brands and wondered how they are different.

Two brands that offer deeper seating and customization are Jonathan Louis and Michael Nicholas Designs. Each brand has its own unique benefits, and Furniture Fair wants to help you find out what they are and how they benefit you.

This article will cover the two custom furniture brands that have many similarities and some differences and compare the two so that you can make a more informed purchasing decision. Read on to find out which brand is suitable for your needs.

Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)
Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)

Photo Credit: Jonathan Louis

What Is Jonathan Louis Furniture?

Jonathan Louis prides itself on being a nationally distributed, fashion-forward furniture brand that focuses on blending style and affordability. Since 1985, the California-based furniture manufacturer has been crafting custom furniture in various styles and fabrics.

Family-owned and operated, the company focuses on delivering high-quality, artfully designed pieces to help you express your style through your furniture. If you like American-made furniture and want a furniture design that is all your own, Jonathan Louis can make that happen.

You can create custom furniture through the Jonathan Louis program using a simple three-step process.

First, start from scratch or select one of the convenient preset models as a starting point for customization. Using a preset allows you to save a few steps, making the design process that much faster.

Second, begin the customization process. You can customize everything from the arm style to the upholstery, and each step is designed to allow for maximum choices and customization.

Third and finally, have your custom-designed furniture piece made-to-order, where it will be created by an entire team of skilled artisans and craftsmen.

If you like customizable furniture made in the USA, built to last, and built at an affordable price point, Jonathan Louis may just be the brand for your needs.

Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)

Photo Credit: Jonathan Louis

Jonathan Louis Features & Benefits

Every piece of furniture made by Jonathan Louis is manufactured to order using quality materials sourced from the US, Canada, Brazil, and Asia.

Furniture frames consist of domestic hardwoods like poplar along with engineered wood for design features and shaping. Joints are reinforced with corner blocks, with polyester padding built to keep the fabric from touching the frame.

Jonathan Louis seating is designed with heavy gauge steel wire and evenly spaced springs for support and durability, along with comfortable seating. The company also offers four types of cushion foam for a custom seating design process.

Jonathan Louis also features customizable seat depth. If you like traditional depth or the more relaxed deeper seating, that option is available and easy to change during the design process.

The custom design program features over 600 fabrics to choose from, with a multitude of combinations available. In addition to textiles, Jonathan Louis also allows you to pick from three leg shapes and finishes with nine stem options.

Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)

Photo Credit: Jonathan Louis

Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)

What Is Michael Nicholas Furniture?

With a goal to impact the local Southern California furniture manufacturing community, Michael Nicholas Designs creates sofas that are high quality with a retail price point. Started in the spring of 2003, the small, made-in-the USA company has continued to grow and create durable products with an American manufacturing history.

Michael Nicholas specializes in deeper sitting furniture with an emphasis on comfort. True to the laid-back California style, Michael Nicholas furniture is designed for lounging and relaxing. Spacious seating and supportive cushioning make Michael Nicholas furniture something to be sat in, rather than on.

Michael Nicholas has a mission to create furniture that is sustainably sourced with tremendous construction value through the use of hardwood reinforcing on all frame stress points, or their mission to plant five new trees for every tree that they harvest to use in their furniture.

If you enjoy deep seating, casual comfort, and special order furniture at a fair price, Michael Nicholas might be the best furniture option for your needs. Michael Nicholas furniture can be found in the Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio areas at Furniture Fair.

Michael Nicholas Features & Benefits

Solid wood construction is used for the frame building process on all Michael Nicholas designs. Michael Nicholas frames are pre-built and cannot be customized; however, the program does offer over 100 custom fabric upholstery options to help you achieve the unique look you want.

Michael Nicholas seating is designed to sit deeper than typical furniture. Most traditional sofas sit between 36 - 38” deep. Michael Nicholas sofas range from 40 - 44”, making them much deeper and cozier than the average sofa.

Because of the larger size, many sofas can be built with chaises that are the same size as a standard full-size bed, meaning they can double as a guest bed if needed or a spot to take a nap after a long day at work.

In addition to being multi-functional, the ample seating of Michael Nicholas furniture is also big and tall friendly, with lots of room for multiple people to sit comfortably without people feeling cramped. The brand also features three custom comfort seating options.

Michael Nicholas is unique to many custom manufacturers in that they charge a flat price no matter what fabric you choose. Whether you decide to use fabric, performance fabric, or leather, you will pay the same price as any other available fabric. For the price, Michael Nicholas offers great value and comfort.

Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)

Which Custom Furniture Brand Is Best For Me?

Now that you know more about Jonathan Louis and Michael Nicholas Designs, you might be wondering, “Which brand is best for my needs?” Here are the differences between each brand and how they compare to each other.

Jonathan Louis is entirely customizable from the frame up with over 600 fabric upholstery options, two seating depths, four cushion firmness levels, and made in USA solid-built quality. If design styles, fabric options, and custom seating are your priorities, Jonathan Louis is a great option to consider.

Michael Nicholas designs use pre-built, made in USA frames with over 100 fabric upholstery options for the same price, deep seating that can double as an impromptu bed, three cushion types, and big and tall friendly seats. If you want spacious, comfortable quality with more value for the price, Michael Nicholas may be right for you.

Ultimately your decision should be based on what your priorities are. If you want the most extensive custom selection and options, Jonathan Louis is a great choice, and if you want custom features without the upcharge and deep, spacious seating, Michael Nicholas is perfect for your needs.

Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)

Ready To Find Your Custom Furniture Fit?

Now that you know the differences between Michael Nicholas and Jonathan Louis furniture, you will be better prepared to decide which brand is best for your needs. Keep the differences in mind when deciding which brand you want to go with.

Remember that Michael Nicholas offers made in USA frames with an emphasis on deep seating, comfort, and lounging. Keep in mind that Michael Nicholas offers the most value for the price when customized, with over 100 custom fabric options available at no additional cost.

Remember that Jonathan Louis offers complete customization with over 600 fabric upholstery options, as well as multiple customization and comfort options for a design that is unique to you with made in USA quality.

Are you considering custom-built furniture for your home? If you want to learn more about the custom design process, check out our video on how to design a custom sofa. If you are looking for custom furniture in the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville areas, consider visiting Furniture Fair. 

Visit one of our 11 locations throughout the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville areas, or make an appointment online. Our team is ready to help you find the perfect custom furniture for your home.

Jonathan Louis Vs. Micheal Nicholas (Comparing Custom Furniture Brands)