June 27, 2022 3 min read

Furniture Is Back In Stock!
Furniture Is Back In Stock!

If you’ve been trying to find the perfect furniture for your home during the last two years, you’ve no doubt heard salesperson after salesperson say the same thing. “Sorry, but that’s not in stock.” or “That is on backorder until six months from now.” or even, “Sadly, we have no idea when that is scheduled to come in.” are all sentences you’ve probably heard at furniture stores.

Thankfully, here at Furniture Fair, furniture is back in stock! Why was furniture out of stock? How can you find the perfect in-stock furniture? How does this fact affect custom-order furniture?

This article will explain why so much furniture was out of stock, why it’s back in stock at Furniture Fair and other stores, and why now is the best time to seek that furniture that’s been on your mind. Read on to learn about why furniture is in stock again and what it means for you.

Furniture Is Back In Stock!
Furniture Is Back In Stock!

Why Was Our Furniture Out Of Stock?

So why did the whole country seemingly run out of furniture for the last two years? The answer to that question started with the pandemic of 2020. During the initial shutdown of all non-essential businesses, manufacturing businesses, shipping companies, and other supply chain companies gained large backlogs of orders.

On top of that, many furniture manufacturing companies both overseas and in the USA also shut down, creating an additional backlog of orders and demand for furniture. Once businesses opened back up, overseas shipping was delayed, which in turn caused delays in many industries, including the furniture industry.

Everything from raw materials like rubber, memory foams, and metals, to finished products built overseas was delayed due to backlogged orders, pandemic regulations for shipping, and price hikes due to higher demand.

This trend of backlogged orders continued into 2021 but has finally begun to clear up, which is good news for people looking for furniture. Shipping containers are now stateside, and trucks have started rolling into furniture stores across the USA, with furniture available and ready for next-day delivery.

Furniture Is Back In Stock!

What Does In-stock Furniture Mean For Me?

Ok, furniture is back in stores; what does that mean for me? With the low stock in many retailer stores during the pandemic, many people were limited in their choices, either settling for furniture that wasn’t their first choice or choosing to wait for the furniture to come back in stock.

With furniture being restocked storewide, the opportunity to shop for the furniture with a wider variety of choices is now available again. You won’t be limited to the dwindling options held back by a nationwide shortage of supplies.

Styles, color options, and next-day delivery are now available again, which cuts down a lot of the wait time that led to many customer frustrations. One of the only exceptions to the rule may be with some custom furniture manufacturers.

Good custom furniture requires extra attention to detail and quality that requires consistent material supplies. Many custom furniture manufacturers are working tirelessly to get caught up on the backlog of custom order furniture.

However, if custom furniture is what you are looking for, now is still a great time to buy. Securing your place in the queue of customers will ensure that your order is built as soon as the manufacturers can get to it. Custom order furniture is within your reach once again.

Furniture Is Back In Stock!
Furniture Is Back In Stock!

Ready To Shop For In-stock Furniture Again?

Don’t let the delays and backlogged orders of the past discourage you from getting the furniture you need in your home. Furniture is again back in stock and ready to ship to your home, apartment, or condo. Take advantage of in-stock home furnishings today!

Remember that the delays caused by covid, the pandemic shutdown, and the shipping backlogs are no longer an issue, and furniture is now in warehouses across the country, including Furniture Fair, ready to be sent to your home.

Keep in mind that while custom orders may take longer than before the pandemic, they are still ready to order and ship with less wait time than during the pandemic. Finally, don’t forget that with restocked furniture, you have a more comprehensive range of choices when you shop.

Are you ready to see the furniture options in stock and ship them the next day? Drop by one of Furniture Fair’s showrooms throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Louisville.

Check out the massive selection of sofas, loveseats, sectionals, dining sets, bedrooms, and mattresses. Schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained sales experts, who will be glad to help you find the furniture you need for your home.