April 04, 2019 4 min read

 Updated January 19, 2021

You know that feeling when you walk out of the spa after an hour of deep tissue work? Where your entire body feels looser and lighter, like all the bad stuff’s been banished and what’s left could float away on a cloud? Yeah, imagine having that feeling any time you wanted, just by walking into your living room. Now available at Furniture Fair, Southern Motion’s SoCozi line takes the comfort of home to a whole new level, with a beautiful collection of extra comfy and exceedingly stylish reclining chairs and sofas with built-in massage technology, deep tissue heat therapy, and unparalleled lumbar support. Need more reasons to fall in love? How about seven?

1. A professional level massage…from the comfort of your own home. SoCozi’s chairs and sofas are kitted out with most cutting-edge full body massage system out there, thanks to a partnership with Cozzia, a leader in massage technology. Using an exclusive air cell design, all SoCozi chairs and sofas feature an invisible network of air chambers that inflate and deflate to displace body pressure and distribute pressure across the entire lumbar region. What does that mean for you? Pressure points, eliminated. Pain, reduced. Muscle movement, increased. Oh, and the kind of good night’s sleep you thought only babies were capable of.

2. Deep tissue heat therapy that will make you say aaaahhhhh. Massages are all well and good on their own, but it’s when the therapist brings out those hot stones (for an extra fee, of course!) that your muscles really start to respond. That’s because adding heat to a massage brings a whole host of additional benefits: increasing circulation, stimulating blood flow, relieving pain and aiding in relaxation. And that’s why the entire SoCozi collection is also equipped with soothing heat regions—so you can experience the full benefits of a heated massage, all in one piece of furniture. Imagine spending a chilly evening ensconced in a chair that not only works out all the kinks, but also keeps you nice and toasty from the inside. Who needs blankets?

3. The superior lumbar support your body craves. What exactly is lumbar support? It’s any kind of support given to the lower back, which relieves the muscles surrounding the spine from the constant responsibility of keeping the spine naturally curved. But most chairs don’t have it, which is why your back hurts so much after spending a day hunched over your computer at the office—and the damage of doing this day after day builds up. But fear not, because SoCozi chairs and sofas include the gold standard in lumbar support, which is adjustable for personalized spinal cord alignment and an unmatched level of comfort. Just by sitting in a SoCozi, you’ll be promoting better posture, reducing pain and risk of injury, and properly aligning your spine.

4. Relaxation for your body and your mind. Now let’s talk about the deeper benefits of regular massage. Did you know that the body’s hardwired response to massage actually stimulates positive signals in the brain? That’s the mind-body connection, and it means a flood of feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, and a significant drop in stress hormones like epinephrine and cortisol. And what does that mean for you? Improved mental clarity, reduced stress, fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression, better sleep, and even the improvement of stress-related conditions like high blood pressure, digestive disorders and obesity—without having to lift a finger! Well okay, you have to press a button, but that’s about it.


  • Deep Tissue Air Massage
    • Eliminates pressure points
    • Reduces pain
    • Improves sleep
    • Increases muscle movement
  • Deep Tissue Heat Therapy
    • Aids in relaxation
    • Reduces pain
    • Increases circulation
    • Stimulates blood flow
  • Lumbar Support
    • Aids proper spinal cord alignment
    • Promotes proper posture
    • Reduces pain
    • Reduces risk of injury
  1. Better health for the long haul. The cool thing about that flood of good feelings? It’s not just a fleeting sensation. In fact, regular use of a SoCozichair or sofa can lead to far better health in the long term. Deep tissue massage benefits the entire body by releasing endorphins, which causes a nifty analgesic effect that reduces pain in multiple regions. The stimulation of blood flow reduces toxins, increases oxygen delivery and improves tissue repair, which means not just instant pain relief, but lasting effects like lowered heart rate and blood pressure, a reduction in migraines and other headaches, and even an increased immune response—which means improving your body’s ability to fight off sickness and infection. SoCozi furniture can even be a complementary way to cope with the side effects of cancer treatment, including pain, fatigue, nausea, swelling and depression.
  2. Renewed energy—just from sitting down. Studies have shown that massage doesn’t just help your body become healthier; it helps it thrive. That means quicker recovery from injury, increased vitality, and a more uniform way of operating. And you know what else? Just by sitting down in your living room and enjoying some me time in your SoCozi chair or sofa, you’ll experience increased flexibility, better posture and gait (no more slouching!), reduced muscle tension and joint stiffness, increased energy, better moods, and even better athletic performance. Yeah, seriously, you can become a better athlete just by sitting in a chair. What a wonderful world.
  3. A beautiful design to fit your personal aesthetic. Southern Motion is not a one-size-fits-all kind of brand, nor do they expect one style to work for all homes. That’s why you’ll find their top-of-the-line SoCozi technology in a wide array of beautiful pieces, from chic teal easy chairs to timeless brown leather love seats to sleek black three-seat sofas. Because even when you’re getting an entire spa in one piece of furniture, there’s no reason to sacrifice style.