Condor Super Euro Top Mattress

MD Mattress 077969

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The Condor Super Euro Top Mattress is engineered to deliver a phenomenal sleep experience like no other. The amazing construction features make it the ultimate choice for your bedroom! The tencel cover provides a soft and luxurious feel while also actively combating allergies and regulating your body temperature! The incorporated advanced moisture-wicking technology keeps you comfortably dry throughout the night, ensuring uninterrupted sleep. Inside, this mattress is made with pocketed coils and foam encasement for optimal support and stability. Experience the ultimate in pressure relief and body contouring with 2 inches of gel-infused memory foam. This innovative layer conforms to your unique shape, alleviating pressure points and cradling you in luxurious comfort throughout the night. Plus, it's compatible with adjustable bases, adding versatility to your sleep setup. Upgrade your sleep experience today with the Condor Super Euro Top Mattress and wake up refreshed, revitalized, and ready to conquer the day!

★ Made in the USA
★ Multiple Size Options
★ Euro Top
★ Stretch Knit Cover
★ 567 Wrapped Coil
★ Foam/Encased
★ Tencel Cover
★ 2" Full Gel Layer
★ Adjustable Base Compatible

W38" x D75" x H14"

W38" x D80" x H14"

W54" x D75" x H14"

W60" x D80" x H14"

W76" x D80" x H14"

10 Year Warranty
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