December 09, 2021 4 min read

Outfitting a bedroom can be a bit of a challenging task, and if you have a flair for the dramatic or are a hopeless romantic, finding that fairytale bedroom suite can feel like trying to slay a dragon with a baguette.

However, there are bedrooms out there that will fill your classical romantic style needs and provide you with a quality product that will hold up to daily use. Whether your fairytale starts in a rustic farmhouse, a cozy cottage, or a french mansion, the Rose Cottage Bedroom Group will help you feel right at home.

Furniture Fair has been helping people’s furniture dreams come true since 1963, and we love sharing information about products that may be right for your home. This article will review the Rose Cottage Bedroom Group, the group’s features and benefits, the quality level, and whether or not the group is right for you.

Read on to begin your hero’s journey toward the perfect romantic bedroom that will fit right in with your preferred antique, traditional, or transitional styles. The bedroom of your dreams may be closer than you think!

The Rose Cottage Bedroom Collection Review
The Rose Cottage Bedroom Collection Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Rose Cottage Bedroom Group?

Let’s take a minute to look at the features and benefits available on the Rose Cottage Bedroom Group. We will start with the essential piece in the collection, the bed. The Rose Cottage bed is available as a Queen or King size bed and features a distressed white oak finish.

The bed frame is built using solid poplar wood framing, and a diamond patterned tufted gray upholstered fabric headboard. It also features dramatic moldings for an elegant yet subtle statement piece. The antique oak finish is protected from wear through a durable seven-step finishing process.

The bed rails are more significant than the standard size and are securely bolted on to prevent the frame from twisting, or what the furniture industry calls racking. Larger rails make for a more secure bed that will last longer.

The antiqued white finish is continued throughout the rest of the collection and the quality of construction. The dresser and nightstand feature solid poplar framing and moldings with oak veneer tops, while the full-extension drawers feature mortise and tenon joinery with French and English dovetails.

The collection features a bed with a matching chest of drawers, a dresser with a matching mirror, and a nightstand. While you can choose between a King or Queen bed, you cannot customize any other parts of the collection.

The Rose Cottage Bedroom Collection Review

What Is The Rose Cottage Quality Ranking?

The Rose Cottage Bedroom Group ranks between “Good” and “Better” on the Good, Better, Best ranking system. Furniture Fair’s reputation with the manufacturer allows us to pass the savings on to the consumer, meaning a more affordable price.

In addition to value pricing, The Rose Cottage Bedroom Group features more solid construction features than a traditional “Good” quality bedroom set. Thanks to the better features and affordable pricing, the Rose Cottage Bedroom Group is of “better” quality at “good” pricing.

Is The Rose Cottage Bedroom Group Right For Me?

The Rose Cottage Bedroom is made to be a starter bedroom set or a set for when you are finally out on your own or starting a new life with your partner. The collection is designed to be affordable and may not appeal to someone looking for a more long-term bedroom set.

If you prefer solid wood construction or heirloom quality furniture such as Amish-built furniture, you may not be interested in furniture with wood veneers. However, if you need a better quality set at a price you can afford on a budget, the Rose Cottage Bedroom might be perfect for you.

The Rose Cottage Bedroom Collection Review
The Rose Cottage Bedroom Collection Review

Ready To Find Out If The Rose Cottage Bedroom Group Is Right For You?

Finding the right bed set to complete your romantic bedroom might be a bit easier than scaling a tower or fighting a dragon, and it might just be more affordable than you thought. With the Rose Cottage Bedroom Group, you can match your style effortlessly and create your dream room.

Remember that the Rose Cottage Bedroom Group is of better quality at a good price. Keep in mind that while the set does use wood veneers, the frame construction is built from solid poplar wood. Don’t forget that the finish uses a seven-layer process to protect your group from damage.

Finally, keep in mind that the Rose Cottage Bedroom Group is the perfect starter bedroom set for anyone with a romantic, elegant flair and will pair well with many classic design aesthetics. Your elegant bedroom could be closer than you think!

If you are interested in the Rose Cottage Bedroom, or perhaps you just want the bed by itself, consider checking it out in person at Furniture Fair. With ten locations in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville area, we are ready to help you find your perfect bedroom.

Schedule an appointment online with one of our sales experts or visit a location near you and find out if the Rose Cottage is the perfect fit for your cozy cottage.