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4 Biggest Problems with Manual Reclining Furniture
The Pros & Cons Of Manual Reclining Furniture (Reviews For 2020 Manual Motion Furniture)

Are you looking into buying some new reclining furniture? You're not alone. Reclining furniture is an excellent option for any living space where the owner wants to relax after a long day or comfortably host a group of friends.

If you have been considering buying reclining furniture, then you've no doubt heard of the two variations, manual reclining, and power reclining. And by now, you are probably wondering what potential problems could be posed by purchasing a manual recliner?

At Furniture Fair, we've dedicated over 50 years to selling manual and, more recently, power reclining furniture, and we want to share our experience with you. We've gathered together some of the problems we've encountered with manual reclining from the customer experience.

So without further ado, here are the problems that you might come across if you purchase a piece of manual reclining furniture. Keep them in mind when you are shopping for your next piece of reclining furniture.

4 Biggest Problems with Manual Reclining Furniture
4 Biggest Problems with Manual Reclining Furniture

Manual Recline Is In Decline

As much nostalgia as that wood handled recliner might bring; the simple fact is that modern reclining had come quite a long way since the days when manual reclining was king. Modern-day furniture retailers only dedicate about 10% of their reclining inventory to manual units.

The truth is, power reclining is no longer a trendy luxury; it is the industry standard. Manual reclining is slowly being phased out of inventory as affordable power reclining sofas, sectionals, and recliners become a reality.

If you consider purchasing manual reclining, be aware that what you are purchasing may not remain in production for long after you make your purchase, making buying a matching or complementary piece rather tricky, which leads us to the next topic.

The Pros & Cons Of Manual Reclining Furniture (Reviews For 2020 Manual Motion Furniture)

Parts May Be Hard To Find

The simple fact is that anything with a complex mechanism built into it has a higher potential to fail. A manual recliner may not be as complicated as a hadron collider, but both are rather inconvenient if broken.

If you purchase a manual reclining piece that may not still be made within the next five years, tracking down and finding a part to fix a failed reclining mechanism can be a never ending quest with no map to mark where your treasure might be hidden.

Also, depending on the manufacturer, parts can be hard to locate. If the manufacturer is overseas, the function can take a lengthy amount of time to get to you, which is annoying and renders your recliner useless for however long the delivery takes to get to you.

To avoid having to track down a part across multiple countries, an excellent method to use when shopping for reclining furniture is to shop made in the USA companies. With companies made regionally in the United States, finding your elusive piece is far more likely.

Carefully consider how long you intend to have your recliner and whether or not the quality is high enough to last for that long. The last thing you need is to be stuck with a chair that is stuck in reclining mode all the time due to a lack of parts. And speaking of parts...

4 Biggest Problems with Manual Reclining Furniture
4 Biggest Problems with Manual Reclining Furniture

Manual Parts Can Break More Often

A recliner handle might seem more reliable than a button and some electric technical wizardry, but not everything is as simple as it looks.

Different people will apply different levels of pressure to a reclining mechanism and pull in or out on the handle, which can damage or bend the handle.

This is why we recommend professional arm wrestlers and tennis players use power reclining rather than manual. All jokes aside, using a button does have an advantage in this situation, in that an electric system is not at the mercy of your manic, brute strength.

Power reclining relies on electric motors rather than tension and the strength of the user. High quality power reclining mechanisms provide smooth, consistent reclining to make the user experience less difficult while also decreasing the strain on the mechanics.

If you do choose a manual recliner, make sure that the mechanism in question is reliable and can stand up to repeated uses without falling apart of locking up. Generally, this means spending a bit more, but you will save money and time hunting for a replacement part.

The Pros & Cons Of Manual Reclining Furniture (Reviews For 2020 Manual Motion Furniture)

Manual Reclining Has Fewer Features Than Power Reclining

As mentioned previously, there is a reason that nearly 90% of retail reclining furniture is now power reclining. When compared to each other, power reclining offers more features than manual reclining offers.

With manual reclining, there are two recline options, full recline and closed. Power reclining allows the user to set the recline level to whatever level they want, giving a much higher customization level.

Besides, the implementation of power means many power recliners feature power headrests, powered lumbar support, massage features, and even USB ports, so you don't have to leave your chair to charge your electronic device of choice.

While these items are a luxury and will probably cost more, there is no doubt that they are much more attractive when compared to manual reclining. However, if all you want is a comfortable recliner, then manual reclining is a great option.

Manual reclining provides the comfort of reclining furniture without the additional cost of power reclining, giving you a more affordable alternative, and a recliner that works when there is no electricity.

4 Biggest Problems with Manual Reclining Furniture
4 Biggest Problems with Manual Reclining Furniture

Ready To Solve Your Reclining Problems?

Hopefully, if you have had any of these concerns about potential problems with a manual reclining furniture purchase, this article has helped you get a better understanding of the possible issues you might face.

Remember that manual reclining is a no-frills reclining function and will not have all the bells and whistles that power reclining might. Remember that manual reclining is slowly becoming less popular as power reclining becomes more affordable than in years prior.

Don't forget that a manual mechanism can be broken if not properly used. If too much force is applied, and parts can be hard to track down, mostly if the recliner is made overseas or discontinued.

Keep all this in mind when shopping for a new recliner, and you will be closer to finding the perfect furniture for your living space. Whether you go with power, stationary, or manual reclining, we want you to get the piece that's right for you.

If you are in the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville area and looking for a new reclining sofa, loveseat, recliner, or sectional, consider visiting Furniture Fair.

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