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Discover the excellence of Kingsdown mattresses, known for their top-notch quality, innovation, and unmatched comfort in the sleep industry. Kingsdown, located in Louisville, Kentucky, is known for its innovative mattresses that improve your sleep. They offer various products to enhance your sleeping experience.

Selecting the Ideal Sleep Surface

The choice of a suitable sleep surface is critical for ensuring restful slumber. Kingsdown's tailored approach ensures a perfect match for every individual's unique body and preferences.

Pioneering Design and Technologies

Advanced Support System

Engineered for superior comfort and support, the unique coil design effectively relieves pressure points, promoting a restful night.

Temperature Regulation

Kingsdown incorporates advanced cooling technology within their quilting to address overheating, a common sleep challenge.

Minimized Motion Transfer

Innovative design significantly reduces disturbances from a partner’s movements, ensuring uninterrupted sleep.

Enhanced Back and Spine Support

Focus on critical support areas promotes better sleep posture and overall well-being.

Tailored Fit and Sleep Science

Custom Fitting Process

The bedMATCH System utilizes sophisticated technology to identify the ideal product based on sleep characteristics and preferences.

Dedicated Sleep Research

Kingsdown is the only brand with a dedicated lab leveraging sleep science to support a healthier rest.

Product Range Overview

Entry-Level Series

The Sleeping Beauty series offers foundational comfort with various firmness levels.

Mid-Level Upgrades

The Auburn Woods line introduces superior coil and cooling technologies for enhanced sleep quality.

Top-Tier Luxury

The Crest Haven collection represents the apex of luxury, with natural fibers for improved airflow and comfort.

Choosing Kingsdown for Better Sleep

These products improve sleep and overall quality of life by offering innovation, quality, and personalized comfort.

The Fitting Experience

Experience the impact of getting fitted for the right product and how it transforms your sleep.

Commitment to Sleep Health

Kingsdown's innovations reflect a dedication to improving sleep health.

Finding Further Information and Support

The team at Furniture Fair is ready to provide expert advice and support, both online and in-store. See our FAQ below or reach out to us at the bottom of this article.


Choosing a Kingsdown mattress supports American craftsmanship and offers a solution for enhanced sleep quality with features like pressure relief, temperature control, and minimized motion transfer.


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What Sets Kingsdown Apart?

The unique blend of advanced design, technology, and the personalized fitting process distinguishes these sleep solutions.

Understanding the Personalized Fitting System

The bedMATCH System suggests the perfect product by analyzing body type and sleep preferences.

Can These Products Aid in Back Pain Relief?

Kingsdown's targeted support significantly alleviates back pain by ensuring proper lumbar and spinal alignment.

Differentiating the Product Lines

Kingsdown offers a range from basic comfort to the epitome of luxury, catering to various needs and preferences.

Exploring the Perfect Fit

Engaging with sleep experts at Furniture Fair locations or online helps in finding your ideal sleep solution.

Experiencing Comfort Firsthand

Furniture Fair locations allow personal testing of these sleep solutions, with further information available on the Kingsdown website and furniturefair.net.