July 09, 2018 2 min read

Updated January 13, 2021

Summer is officially in swing and with it, patio season, the best time of the year. Coffee and newspapers in the mornings, beers and games during the day, neighborhood cookouts among the fireflies in the ever-warmer evenings…having a patio is like having an extra room in your house, but better, because that room is outside!

Want to make the most of the season? Your outdoor space just might need a few quality updates. But don’t worry, Furniture Fair can help.

outdoor sectional

1. Invest in some outdoor furniture that’s actually cozy. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of seriously uncomfortable patio furniture out there. Poky metal chairs, fabrics ravaged by the elements, rotted wood picnic tables…if any of these items sound familiar, it’s definitely time for an upgrade! And with Furniture Fair, you don’t have to settle. In fact, your outdoor furniture can be just as comfy as what you’ve got indoors if you play your cards right. Opt for something padded, stylish and durable, such as a large, wicker sectional designed for high style and low maintenance.

2. Spruce up your space with an outdoor rug. Want to turn your patio into a hangout as cozy as your living room? Invest in a large outdoor rug, which boosts comfort levels while also adding a pop of color and texture to an otherwise drab outdoor space. 

outdoor dining set

3. Make the most of all four seasons with a gas-powered fire pit. Summers are the time when patios really shine, but the best outdoor spaces offer ways to extend the season, or even keep it going all year long. An outdoor table with fireplace insert or classic firepit can be a mesmerizing source of heat, light, and entertainment. It’s sure to be the centerpiece of all your future patio parties. And thanks to its durable, rust-proof aluminum frame, you’ll be using it season after season.

4. Get your shade on with a patio umbrella. Summer is lovely and all, but there are limits: no one wants to sit on a roasting patio under full sunlight for hours on end. Upgrade your outdoor game with a high-quality patio umbrella, designed to provide a shady haven while still allowing that summer breeze to blow on through (and make you feel fine).  Look for an umbrella with an easy slider mechanism to pivot the umbrella as needed, and you can even rotate these to 360° using the foot pedal on the base, which is especially helpful as you adjust according to the sun’s position in the sky. Added bonus to look for: Once the sun goes down, you can create magical nighttime vibes with the solar-powered LED lights that shine underneath the canopy. 

outdoor dining set

5. Opt for an outside dining table large enough for guests. Who wants to arrive at a weekend cookout only to find they have to drag kitchen chairs outside just to have a place to sit? Make your patio inviting for all by investing in a quality outdoor dining table and chairs. Let the cookouts commence!