June 25, 2018 2 min read

Finding a bed that meets your individual needs is super important. Things get even trickier when you’re mattress shopping with your partner: two people looking for one bed that fits the needs of both.

Here’s a few tips so that you both wake up feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to take on the world.

Tip #1

Make sure you’re looking for similar things. If one person is expecting to purchase a luxury foam mattress and the other is expecting to purchase a value-priced innerspring mattress, you’re going to run into trouble. So before you begin shopping for a specific mattress, make sure you’ve reached an agreement about what exactly you’re looking for.

Tip #2

If you can’t find a way to reach an agreement about what sort of bed you’d like to purchase, do your best to create compromise. There are plenty of beds that offer hybrid options between two extremes. If one person prefers a firm mattress while the other prefers a plush mattress, try out a luxury firm mattress. On the off chance that you can’t find a bed that you both like, check out accessories that help create a bed you both enjoy. For instance, you can try a mattress topper for one side of the bed. That way, whomever enjoys a firmer bed can sleep without the mattress topper, and his or her partner will enjoy a plush night’s sleep on the side of the bed with the topper.

Tip #3

Determine a price range you’re both set on. Don’t spend your time looking for a bed you both will enjoy just to realize it’s completely out of your price range.

Tip #4

No one wants to return a mattress. Test out the mattresses as a couple and make sure you totally understand what you’re getting when you make the purchase.

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