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Finding the proper dining set for your home can be challenging, especially if you have a particular style you are trying to match. For many, the farmhouse or country chic style is a challenge and finding a complete dining collection that fits that aesthetic can be difficult.

Thankfully Furniture Fair features a unique collection of farmhouse-style dining tables and dining furniture called the Madison County collection. But what makes the Madison County Collection so special? What is the quality of the Madison Collection? Why should you consider the Madison County dining sets over other country chic styles?

At Furniture Fair we want you to be as knowledgeable about the products we feature as possible. We’ve been in the furniture selling business for over 55 years now and we want to share some of the knowledge we’ve gained on quality, style, and product affordability.

With that in mind, this article will cover the Madison County Dining Collection, the features and benefits of the dining sets, the quality of each group, and whether or not a set may be suitable for your home. Read on to learn more about the Madison County Dining Collection.

The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review
The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review

What Is The Madison County Dining Collection?

Madison County is a dining collection designed and manufactured by Jofran, a furniture manufacturer with a commitment to “helping people turn houses into homes, one piece of furniture at a time.”

Since 1975, Jofran has helped bring living room, dining room, and entertainment room furniture sets to homes across America with collections that are easy to live with and easy on your budget. Jofran brings looks that are on-trend but affordable with quality that is built to last.

Expertly crafted using solid reclaimed pine, Madison County blends rustic and natural style to bring a unique and special farmhouse feel to your home. The Vintage Barnwood finish options combine a rustic and natural tone to breathe new life into the naturally-weathered wood.

The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review

What Are The Features & Benefits Of The Madison County Dining Collection?

The Madison County Dining Collection is available in four different configurations, which are the following: a rectangular table that comes in countertop height, a pub height table set, a dining height rectangular table set, and an oval dining height farmhouse dining table.

Madison County is available in three different finishes: a full Barnwood finish, a Barnwood top finish with an off-white base, and a Barnwood top finish with a black base finish. The three options are sure to fit with any country chic or farmhouse style in your home.

In addition to the tables and dining chairs, Madison county also offers a console table, a server, and a hutch available in all three finishes. With the server or hutch, you can add much-needed storage for dishes and other dining room essentials, while the console table adds extra seating.

Counter height and pub height dining sets even have additional storage located under the tabletops. Thanks to the complete collection option, the Madison County Collection can outfit your entire dining room with matching furniture, making your decorating job effortless and straightforward.

The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review
The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review
The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review

What Is The Madison County Dining Quality Ranking?

The Madison County Collection falls between the “Good” and “Better” quality categories in the Good, Better, Best ranking system. The collection is manufactured with solid wood, but that wood is an open grain which means it can be damaged relatively easily.

An excellent way to avoid potential damages to your collection is to invest in a protection plan. A good protection plan will help keep your furniture safe from any possible damages that could result from everyday use.

The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review

Is The Madison County Dining Collection Right For Me?

Suppose you do not want to worry about maintaining your furniture or do not want to constantly remind your dinner guests to use their coasters or placemats. In that case, The Madison County Collection may not be suitable for you.

Madison County does not have the same sealed finish that a brand like Winesburg has since the collection is designed to appeal to the more worn, rustic look of the farmhouse style. Because of the unfinished exterior, the set will take on the natural wear of time.

The collection is built using natural wood, and wood needs a certain amount of maintenance to help the set last longer and look the same as the way you brought it home. However, If you are willing to put in the time and effort to maintain the set, your set will last longer.

If you embrace the chic country look or your house has that rustic appeal, the Madison County dining set may be perfect for your needs. The open grain textures of the real wood tabletops are perfect for a laid-back yet sophisticated look.

The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review
The Madison County Dining Collection Product Review

Ready To Find Out If The Madison County Dining Collection Is Right For You?

So now that you know the details of the Madison County Collection, you might be wondering whether or not the collection is suitable for your home. Perhaps you are still unsure whether or not you want to purchase a set for your home.

Remember that Madison County offers complete dining collections in multiple sizes with three finish options and is styled to fit perfectly in a rustic farmhouse or country chic home. Keep in mind that open wood grain will weather more than a sealed wood finish, and you should expect to do some upkeep to maintain your dining set’s finish.

If you are wondering whether or not you should put Madison County in your dining room, you can test out how the sets feel by visiting any of Furniture Fair’s ten locations throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, or Louisville. Schedule an appointment online today.

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