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May 15, 2020 2 min read

How to Create A Beautiful Home Office

Creating a home office that is both functional and visually appealing takes more than just setting up your computer at the kitchen table. The location, desk/tabletop, seating, and more all makes a difference. Creating your home office with comfort and productivity in mind is easy with Furniture Fair!

Find Comfortable Seating

Ask yourself: how much time will you spend in your home office? If you’re like many people who work from home, you’re most likely going to spend at least 6 hours sitting each day. Your comfort should come first, but there’s no reason why your seating can’t be both functional and attractive. Check out the examples we have below, or the many options we have on our office chairs page!

A Desk Is Key

Your work surface is just as important as the chair you sit in. Not only does it have to be large enough for your daily tasks, it also needs to be the right height. Why not make it a statement piece, too? Check out our wide array of desks!

Filing & Storage: Where Should Your Stuff Go?

Take into consideration how much paperwork, product, or other miscellaneous items you need to be in your home office. Do you have files stacked on all corners of your home needing a home? Bookshelves stuffed beyond their capacity? Filing and storage is your answer.

Location, Location, Location!

Find the best location in your home that works for you. If you have a room that you’ve already been using as a home office, maybe a revamp of your space is all you need. However, if you’re trying to find a location in a smaller space that you can use as your home office, look for the following features already present in your home:

  • There should be ample light in your workspace. Preferably there should be natural light, but if not, make sure you have enough lamps and overhead lights in your office.
  • Minimal foot traffic. Your workspace should not be in a high-traffic area. Try to find an out-of-the-way nook or corner. A guest bedroom can also be converted!
  • While this may be difficult, try to find the place in your home with the least amount of noise to boost your productivity.

Browse Furniture Fair‘s living room, bedroom, dining room, and mattress collections online or in person. A family-owned and operated business since 1963, Furniture Fair offers quality home furnishings at “fair” prices. Stop by today!

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