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September 19, 2019 3 min read

Like the seasons, home design trends are cyclical. It’s a common misconception that spring is the best time of year to do an interior makeover when, in fact, fall is the perfect time! Consider: in spring we leave the house for the outdoors while during fall we gravitate back indoors. As the weather turns, we want our home to be warm and welcoming, no matter the size or configuration of the space. As the Tri-State area greets another fall, Furniture Fair has assembled some of the coziest, comfiest and sleekest trends to get you inspired for the season. 



2019 Fall Color Palette

Before a painter approaches the canvas, the colors on the palette have to be chosen. Unlike past falls, this year’s palette is a welcome return to bold hues, with colors trending towards muted navy blues, deep sage green, rich purples, golden apple yellows, and stark whites. Furniture and fixture textures feature reclaimed materials, like wood, concrete and stone, as well as layered fabrics over canvas and plush cushion coverings. Much of Furniture Fair’s current sofa, chair and table selection combines these elements. Let’s take a deeper dive.

First Impressions Set the Vibe

Whether your front door opens directly into a living space, a foyer or a smaller entryway, here is the place to make that first impression of fall. Try a small cabinet or chest like the Montana Homestead Gentleman Chest, the Madison Chest or the Canfield Chest. Depending on the color, add decorative pumpkins—real or fake—in beige or yellow (avoid the classic orange and black—too Halloween to last the entire season) atop the chest, along with burnt sage or dried hydrangeas.

Madison County Chest

Comfort First

The living area should be centered around comfort. Gone are the days of sterile, bulky mid-century couches. This fall is trending toward furniture that envelops, soothes and snuggles. Sofas on the compact side, like the Granada Power Motion Sofa and the Tempe Sofa, are preferred. Pile them with decorative pillows and draped fabrics to create a sleep-by-the-fire vibe. Armchairs and loveseats by trusted brands like Monroe and Parks Tigereye combine the cozy comfort-first feel with boho fabrics. Situate these inviting pieces by windows or on blond wood flooring or golden rugs. These elements increase the light in the room, adding a level of natural relaxation.

Compact Luxury

Tidy is in. Now that de-cluttering is a familiar term, combining furniture elements that were once separate and spread out is on trend. Look for pieces and accessories that are multi-functional, like Furniture Fair’s wide selection of electric fireplace inserts. These compact units are often positioned inside TV or other media stands. Not only do they give the cozy feel of sitting by the fire, they also add warmth and a sense of luxury to the room. Smaller end table and coffee table sets are also in vogue. Take, for example, three matching compact pieces that contribute a clean, hi-end essence to a living space without cluttering the room. Any compartment style nightstand in deep wood or stark white is desirable, like the Willowton Nightstand or the Whistler Retreat Nightstand.

Farmhouse Is Back

One of the hottest trends in real estate is reclamation farmhouse property. This trend has overtaken the interior design world as well. Furniture made from repurposed materials, like old wooden doors or shiplap, are dominating the market. Picture kitchen chairs and tables designed in farmhouse fashion, like Madison Country Tables, Lancaster models in light reclaimed wood or the clean white of a classic Farmhouse Dining Table, all adorned with eucalyptus garlands or DIY Vintage Botanical Printables. This modern dining room invites fall-centric pieces, reminiscent of bygone eras, reflecting the turning leaves outside. Accent accessories in wood go far in this game, as do deep oak French doors, media stands or refurbished barn door coffee tables, like the Madison County coffee table.

However you want to reimagine your home to get ready for fall, Furniture Fair has the styles and selection to accommodate your autumn transformation. Furniture Fair has been offering quality home furnishings at fair prices with exemplary service since 1963. With financing available and next-day delivery, getting your home outfitted for fall has never been easier. Visit one of Furniture Fair’s 10 Tri-State locations around Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville or visit us online at furniturefair.net today!


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