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5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking
5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking

Most of us have slept in beds over the course of our lives, and with each bed, we've experienced various sounds that a loose bed frame makes. From the ghostly creaks straight out of haunted house movies to loud metallic squeaks, beds can be downright noisy.

A creaky bed is the last thing anyone wants to hear. Imagine spending an 8-hour day at work, coming home after picking up the kids, feeding everyone and making sure everyone is down in bed, only to be kept up for hours by a creaking bed.

Are there ways that you could prevent a noisy bed from keeping you up at night? Are there beds you can buy that are less prone to making your house sound spooky at night? What is the best way to prevent your bed from being the loudest member of the house

Here at Furniture Fair, we've devoted over 50 years to providing beds to our customers at every price range, from good to better to best. We know a thing or two about beds and bed construction, and we want to make sure that your bed is squeaky and creaky no more.

We've done the research and found the best methods for making your bedroom a little bit quieter. Once you've read this article, you will be ready to de-squeak that bed. Read on to find out which methods for preventing a noisy bed might be right for you.

5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking
5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking

Buy A Solid Wood Bed

A bed might be creaking or speaking because it has lesser quality materials. Cheaper beds often incorporate lower quality materials, which can lead to loose frames and creaky sounds.

The best way to prevent issues like this from happening is to buy a bed that is built to last. Solid wood beds are manufactured to much higher standards than beds made from composite materials and will be much more durable and less likely to make those annoying sounds.

Consider buying made in the USA or possibly an Amish Manufactured bed. Many beds made from companies like Daniels Amish use old manufacturing techniques with more wood and fewer screws, meaning fewer points of tension and possible loosening.

A good quality, solid wood bed will range from $1,000 up to $5,000 or more depending on the brand and quality of the wood. Solid wood beds will last much longer than other beds, and thus are priced accordingly.

Furthermore, solid woods have much higher support levels and can hold much higher weight levels before failing, meaning much more longevity and much fewer cracks and other sounds that a lower quality bed might have. If you want to stop creaking before it starts, buys solid wood.

5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking

Have Your Bed Assembled By Professionals

Sometimes that squeak in your bed can be the result of improper assembly. If you have a knack for putting together furniture, you probably won't need to worry about this, but if you shudder at the thought of an Ikea manual, then having your bed assembled by the pros might be preferable.

If you are getting your furniture delivered, many furniture retailers will have their professional team of delivery associates assemble your bed right in your home, ensuring that your bed is put together correctly and secured for your peace of mind.

If you consider putting together a bed yourself, consider that having a professional assemble your bed will save you time and effort and help ensure that your bed is stable and less squeaky.

Also, if you've purchased a protection plan through your furniture retailer, having your bed assembled by professionals will ensure that you've taken every necessary step to keep your furniture safe and under the requirements of your protection plan.

5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking
5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking

Secure Screws or Fasteners

If you've owned a bed for a year or more, some of the bolts, screws, or other fasteners may have come loose gradually over time. Unsteady bed structure can lead to anything from squeaks and bed shifting to a broken bed if left unattended.

The best way to prevent fasteners from coming loose is to check them regularly, especially if you start to hear mysterious bed noises or feel shifting when you get in and out of bed. Regular upkeep can ensure that those annoying squeaks are not part of your bed.

A great tip for preventing metal on metal parts from squeaking is to put a rubber washer between the metal of the bed frames and the metal bolt, which provides a barrier between the two metals and keeps them from scraping and squeaking together.

5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking

Buy Slide Protectors For Hardwood Floors

If your bedroom has hardwood floors, some of the noises your bed makes could be the bed and the floor not getting along. If you aren't careful, the bed could even damage your hardwood floor, leaving you with a costly repair bill or a scuffed up wood floor.

If you want to prevent bed and floor damage, consider investing in some slide protectors to put underneath your bed legs. Slide protectors come in a wide variety of designs, created to put a layer of protective material between your bed legs and the hardwood floor.

Once applied, your bed can now slide if you should ever need to move it, and your floor won't suffer under the harsh bed legs digging into the finish. Slide protectors are a perfect way to keep your bed from protesting if you need to move it to another area.

5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking
5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking

Avoid Leaning Against The Headboard

If you have a lower quality bed, often the headboard may be attached using only screws. Many people have a habit of leaning against a headboard when watching TV in bed or simply relaxing after a long day. However, this could cause your bed to begin to creak overtime.

Leaning against your headboard can put unnecessary pressure on the screws holding the headboard together. If the screws loosen, you can get that spooky creaking sound that so many kids (and some adults) are afraid to investigate after dark.

If you want to relax while sitting up in your bed without leaning against your headboard, an adjustable base might be an excellent option for you. Adjustable bases offer multiple inclines and recline levels making it easy to relax while not doing any potential damage to your headboard.

Adjustable bases also offer better center support to your bed, meaning less pressure on your bed legs and a more solid foundation on the floor. Solid foundations on your bed will mean squeaking and creaking are much less likely to occur.

5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking

Get Rid Of Those Squeaks & Creaks!

Congratulations! You've made it to the end of the article, and now you are ready to fight that bed that goes bump in the night. Remember to look for the highest quality bed within your price range, and buy protectors if you have a wood floor.

If you can, have your retailer assemble your bed for you to ensure proper construction and avoid leaning against the headboard. Secure any screws that might be loose and consider buying an adjustable base for a more substantial bed base that will take some of the strain from your bed legs.

If you follow any of these steps, you will be well on your way to eliminating those annoying noises that your bed can make.

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5 Ways To Prevent Your Bed From Squeaking & Creaking