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At Furniture Fair, we understand that disposing of old furniture can be a challenge. In our commitment to the safety and health of our customers, we strive to ensure that your new furniture isn't compromised by being transported alongside old items. Therefore, we offer a dedicated removal service facilitated either by a specific truck from Furniture Fair or a vetted contractor.

*Item hauled away may be either donated or responsibly disposed of, depending on their condition and suitability for reuse.

- Service is only valid with an online furniture purchase. We will only remove an item that is being replaced with a new order. This ensures a seamless transition and prevents the removal of items that are still in use.
- The removal team reserves the right to refuse any merchandise that is soiled or shows signs of infestation. In such cases, a refund will not be issued.
- This option is not available for the Louisville or Indianapolis area.

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Proudly Sponsoring the Cincinnati Zoo and Giving Back to Our Community

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