Premium Plus Protection Plan

The Premium Plus Protection Plan is the perfect plan to meet your needs, covering fabric upholstery, leather and vinyl, wood, case goods and other hard-surface furniture. Most manufacturers' warranties only cover up to a year, whereas The Premium Plus Protection Plan provides peace of mind coverage. A summary of the plans features are listed below. This plan DOES NOT COVER outdoor furniture, adjustable bases or clearance merchandise.

Mechanical and structural breakdowns as a result of:

  • Breakage of framed, panels or springs
  • Breakage of sleeper, recliner, lifting, heating and/or vibrating mechanisms
  • Failure of integral electrical components
  • Lifting or incident-specific chipping of veneers or laminates exposing the substrate
  • Warping
  • Loss of silvering on mirrors

Accidental damage which occurs during normal residential use, including:

  • All stain types, including dye bleed and dye transfer onto or into upholstery fabric, leather or vinyl
  • Punctures, rips or burns
  • Liquid marks or rings
  • Household heat marks
  • Gouges, dents, scratches or chips that penetrate the finish exposing the substrate
  • Damaged caused by nail polish remover
  • Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of finish caused by specific incident
  • Glass or mirror chipping, breakage or scratched
  • Pet damage- single incident only

All this plus a no use no lose guarantee. The Premium Plus Protection Plan is good for 5 years from date of delivery. If there are no claims on your protection policy, you have 6 months to contact Furniture Fair for your gift certificate in the amount of the purchase price of your protection plan. Gift certificate may be used at any Furniture Fair location and must be redeemed in a year’s time from the plan’s expiration date on a purchase of at least twice the amount of the gift certificate. It is the responsibility of the consumer to claim the gift certificate within the six months of the plan’s expiration. 


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