The Style & Flair Podcast

Welcome to the Furniture Fair Podcast, hosted by Ryan Storts, where we dive into the world of furniture and mattresses with industry experts. Tune in for insights on design tips, product innovations, and the latest trends to help you create your dream home. Watch below and transform your living space with expert guidance from Furniture Fair!

Episode 1: Marketing Insights and Community Impact with Craig Daniels

Join us for the first episode of 'Style and Flare' as Ryan Storts interviews Marketing Director Craig Daniels about customer-focused marketing strategies, community initiatives, and exciting upcoming projects at Furniture Fair.

Episode 2: Exploring Premium Recliners and Community Values with Drew from Homestretch

Join us for episode two of 'Style and Flare' as Ryan Storts and Drew from Homestretch discuss top-quality reclining furniture, their community-focused initiatives, and a sneak peek at exciting new products.

Episode 3: Exploring Quality and Customization with Scott Goldberg from England Furniture

Join us for episode three of 'Style and Flare' as Ryan Storts interviews Scott Goldberg from England Furniture about their high-quality, customizable upholstery, rapid delivery, and innovative features.

Episode 4: Behind the Scenes at Furniture Fair: Customer Care with Linda France

Join us for episode four of 'Style and Flare' as Ryan Storts sits down with Linda France to explore the vital role of Customer Care at Furniture Fair, ensuring seamless service from purchase to delivery.