How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair
How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair

How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair

So you’ve read up on careers and the company culture here at Furniture Fair, and now you might be thinking, “I should apply for a job here.

That’s great news! Furniture Fair is always looking for eager, career-minded workers who can bring their style and flair to our team. We want you to have a successful career and be a valuable asset to our team.

If you are about to start the application process, you might be curious about how to prepare for an interview at Furniture Fair. The interview is the main determining factor to your getting hired, and you should be as prepared as possible.

We want you to put your best foot forward when you visit for an interview, so with that intention in mind, this article will cover the best ways to prepare for a job interview here at Furniture Fair.

How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair
How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair

What Should I Bring To An Interview At Furniture Fair?

When attending your interview, a great practice that we recommend is bringing an extra copy or two of your resume for you or the hiring manager to reference. Bringing a copy of your resume shows that you are prepared for whatever the interview holds and shows that you have drive and initiative.

How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair

What should I wear to an interview at Furniture Fair?

Many offices and workspaces have dress codes with varying levels of enforcement, and Furniture Fair is no different. While we want to keep the work atmosphere relaxed, Furniture Fair has a reputation for helping customers find expert help finding top-quality furniture, and we expect our employee dress code to reflect that expertise.

In many ways, furniture design can be seen as a part of the style and fashion industry. As part of the fashion industry you are expected to dress with your environment in mind. Your style should reflect professionalism and expertise while still leaving room for your personality to shine through.

Dress to impress when meeting for an interview at Furniture Fair. First impressions often determine the trust and confidence managers and clients will place in you, so wear a wardrobe that reflects your expertise and whatever unique flair you want to bring to the team dynamic.

How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair
How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair

What questions should I ask the hiring manager?

The hiring manager will have a series of questions to ask you during the interview process, but do not let this be a one-sided discussion. Your questions to the manager are just as important as the questions they will have for you.

Here are a few recommended questions to ask the manager during an interview. Remember, you want to make sure that a career in furniture is right for you, so ask as many questions as you want. This is your time to find out more about the position.

#1 - What is your management style?

Finding out the methods and incentives that the manager uses can help you better determine if you would be a good fit here at Furniture Fair. Not all management styles are suitable for everyone, and we want to be as upfront as we can about what working at the Fair is like.

#2 - What do you expect from your salespeople?

Learning a manager’s expectations for other salespeople will help you gauge whether or not the pace of the job is right for you. When the manager and the salesperson start with the exact expectations, both sides will be successful.

#3 - How much do I need to sell to achieve my required income?

The idea of uncapped earning potential is a big draw for sure, but realistic starting expectations need to be established before big sales dreams can take place. Find out what the manager expects, and then you will know more of how much will be required of you.

#4 - How long will it take before I can expect to earn that required income?

Sales paychecks are a bit less consistent than the average salary, and this can be good or bad depending on your motivation and experience. Find out the timetable that the hiring manager is expecting you to be on to have a better idea of what the workload will be.

#5 - What sort of training can I expect once I begin working?

Proper training is essential to any job, and Furniture Fair is no exception. Find out what training is provided on the job for the skills, tools, and other day-to-day work needs.

#6 - What are the job Benefits?

Having a job is excellent, but having benefits is even better, and you need to know what benefits you will have as an employee at Furniture Fair. Find out what Medical, eye care, dental, and retirement savings your position will have so that you can compare with other offers.

#7 - What is your vacation policy & How do you manage requests for vacations and days off?

Work is necessary for most people, but so is a vacation, and you deserve to know what the vacation policies for your potential new job are. In addition, you should find out how many days of work are expected, and what days you can take off.

#8 - What do your top-selling representatives do differently than your bottom-selling representatives?

Managers should tell you what a winning strategy for sales performance at work looks like, and knowing what top-performers are doing to stay on top is an excellent metric to gauge how well you will fit in within the company.

#9 - How much is the top producer earning, and how much do they work?

Work/life balance is essential for people to figure out, and you should be ready for whatever the job is getting you into. Find out what the earnings and schedule of a successful salesperson look like, and that will be a good indicator of your ideal schedule.

How To Prepare For An Interview At Furniture Fair

After asking these questions and any other questions that you may have regarding your potential future here at Furniture Fair, you will be much better prepared to decide if you want to work here.

A career at Furniture Fair is an ample opportunity, and you should be fully prepared to find out if this is the job for you! After following this article, you will be ready for an interview with a hiring manager, and once you’ve adequately prepared, get ready to knock this interview out of the park.

If you haven’t already applied or set up an interview, feel free to apply here! We want to hear how you can be a crucial member of our growing team here at Furniture Fair.

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