The History Of Furniture Fair
The History Of Furniture Fair

The History Of Furniture Fair

The company history of Furniture Fair is similar to many other local business furniture stores. A small business with a company culture geared toward customer service and community focus, Furniture Fair is dedicated to being the place to go locally for living room, dining room, bedroom, and office furniture at fair prices.

A family-owned and operated business from the very start, Furniture Fair was founded by Robert “Bob” Daniels to offer quality home furnishings at fair prices with exemplary service. Today, Furniture Fair strives to live up to these standards in every department, from the sales team to the customer care department.

The History Of Furniture Fair
The History Of Furniture Fair

Family Owned & Customer Focused

Furniture Fair's first store at 3932 Dixie Highway in Erlanger, Kentucky, was only 7,000 square feet. Since then, the family-owned business has expanded to 11 stores across the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville markets with our newest store having 20,000 square feet ready to provide affordable furniture at all quality levels.

Potential customers should feel that they've had a fantastic user experience whether or not they buy furniture. Furniture Fair takes pride in fostering customer relationships that span decades and even generations. Some salespeople sell to the children of the customers to whom they sold furniture years ago.

Dedication and service is what Furniture Fair strives to uphold through strong company culture. The entire staff at Furniture Fair is driven and motivated to ensure that the customer’s dream furniture is delivered, and they can furnish memories and cherish them with friends, family, and loved ones.

Community & Employee Driven

Today the business is still part of the Daniels family, four generations of Daniels family members working within the company to carry on the vision that made the store an icon in the local area. That feeling of family has been extended to the employees, with many members of the Furniture Fair team having served the company faithfully for 25 or more years.

In addition to a history of dedicated customer care, Furniture Fair also has years of history dedicated to giving back to the community, whether through hiring local community members for stable, fulfilling careers or through the various philanthropic endeavors contributed to within communities, using the We Care Program.

Employee satisfaction is a large part of the pillars that support the Furniture Fair brand. The values board at Furniture Fair is dedicated to helping employees have a voice within the company and a vision for keeping the company’s core values at the center of all workplace activities and interactions.

The History Of Furniture Fair

From humble beginnings to brave steps into new directions, Furniture Fair is an ever-growing business. With the continued growth and success, Furniture Fair’s dedication to fair prices, family, customer care, employee satisfaction, and community outreach remains the same. As the company says in its mission statement, Furniture Fair is dedicated to delivering your dreams and furnishing your memories.

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