Am I A Good Fit For Furniture Fair? 6 Questions To Ask
Am I A Good Fit For Furniture Fair? 6 Questions To Ask

Am I A Good Fit For Furniture Fair? 6 Questions To Ask

If you are looking for a career opportunity in the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville area, Furniture Fair has job opportunities for you. A local fixture in the furniture world, Furniture Fair is committed to hiring motivated staff from in and around your local community.

If you’ve been in furniture or mattress sales for years or if you have no experience selling, you may be right for a position at Furniture Fair. With the proper training and dedication, you can be a great part of the furniture sales force.

Furniture Fair has career opportunities for motivated people looking to start or continue a career in furniture sales and other areas. If you are interested in seeking employment at Furniture Fair, you may be curious about whether you will be a good fit for the company.

What Makes An Ideal Furniture Fair Team Member?

What exactly should the ideal Furniture Fair employee do to fulfill their expectations? How should an employee of Furniture Fair be expected to react with team members and customers? What is the overall company dynamic and how will a new employee fit within that dynamic while still standing out?

So let’s sit down and hash out what makes a good Furniture Fair salesperson. We will go over the qualities and attributes that an ideal Furniture Fair employee should strive toward. Below are a few questions you can answer to help you find out if you are a good fit for the Furniture Fair sales floor.

#1 - Are you passionate about building relationships and partnering with clients to create the space of their dreams?

The goal and mission statement of Furniture Fair is “Delivering dreams and furnishing memories.” Furniture Fair achieves this goal by building and maintaining close relationships with clients and helping them create spaces that they will treasure for years to come.

Furniture Fair sales team members must be eager to develop and nurture professional relationships with the families, businesses, and people looking to find quality furniture at an affordable price.

Professional relationships are maintained through clear communication, honesty, and a commitment to helping the customer create a space that will create memories for generations. Some of our current sales members even sell furniture to the grandchildren of the clients that they’ve sold to decades ago.

If you value open, honest communication, a relationship-based selling experience, and a one-on-one atmosphere with clients that appreciate your opinions and product knowledge. Furniture Fair may be the place for you.

#2 - Do you enjoy educating clients, providing answers to questions, and giving information on quality products and services?

Part of the sales process at Furniture Fair is making sure that the client is as knowledgeable about the product as they want to be. Our dedicated sales staff is constantly learning and staying up-to-date on the latest information regarding the products and services.

Customers may not be up-to-date on innovations in memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, or other mattress sets. A potential buyer may not know what to look for when buying furniture for a living room, bedroom, or dining room, and that’s where you come in.

Furniture Fair provides relevant information through a combination of vendor presentations, educational programs, factory tours, and our online learning center. The goal of these combined resources is to help provide the sales team with the tools necessary to help customers and achieve sales more efficiently.

Through the combination of information resources, a Furniture Fair salesperson will be ready to educate both themselves and their clients to understand better what is suitable for the customer and the customer’s home furnishing needs.

#3 - Are you eager to stay informed on clients' needs and keep them informed on special sales and promotions applicable to them?

While sales at Furniture Fair are transactional to a certain extent, maintaining and bolstering relationships with clients is a crucial step to receiving loyal customers and return sales. Furniture Fair sales team members should provide exceptional service during the sale and before and after.

Exceptional salespersons need to stay up-to-date on current and upcoming sales promotions and customer appreciation, and VIP sales that aim to benefit returning customers. By fostering returning customer relationships and making new customers feel appreciated, Furniture Fair sales members can help guarantee returning customers and increasing sales.

#4 - Are you excited about learning new technology and new skill sets to communicate with your clients?

Furniture Fair’s goal is to be as efficient and personal with our clients as possible, and keeping up with advancements in technology is one way the company strives to do just that. The company incorporates video messaging, template-based emails, and online resources toward more sales team revenue.

Whether through sharing articles to help customers understand products and features more easily or through video messaging to help create a simulated face-to-face meeting, the Furniture Fair sales team has the resources and the knowledge to help close sales faster and keep customers’ needs met.

#5 - Do you enjoy the challenge of setting and achieving goals?

The sales force at Furniture Fair should be highly motivated toward setting and achieving goals, whether personal or pushed for by the store managers. If you are inspired by a bit of friendly competition or the need to establish and pass goals, Furniture Fair is ideal for you.

As a salesperson, you have the ability to earn uncapped commissions and build your reputation with your customers and with Furniture Fair. With this model, the amount of earnings you receive will depend entirely on your motivation and commitment to great sales and customer relationships.

By setting realistically achievable goals for yourself and staying on course to achieve your goals, you are building experience, discovering ways to overcome obstacles, and strengthening your resolve and experience.

#6 - Are you open to coaching and learning our methodology and culture to help develop a long, and healthy career?

Furniture Fair values experience, knowledge, and tried-and-true business practices that stand the test of time, and our experienced sales experts reflect that commitment. As part of a new team, you will be expected to absorb information learned from your peers and retain further information as new sales tactics and methods are added to the already time-tested methods.

The company culture at Furniture Fair is crucial to the development of the employees. Furniture Fair has a set of Core Values that are adhered to in order to help keep teams strong and foster relationships with the internal customer, the staff at each store and in the corporate offices.

In time, your knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the company culture will benefit newer salespeople as they begin their career where you once were. The sales team’s goal is for everyone to succeed and, as Bill Daniels would put it, “Sell lots of furniture!”

Furniture Fair is growing fast. The company needs dependable, passionate employees who are ready to help customers find the furniture they need at a price that fits their budget. The ideal sales member should be prepared to educate the customers and foster a strong business relationship with them while helping them find the perfect furniture or mattress for their home.

If you are open to learning new technologies, receiving coaching from experienced salespeople and vendor representatives while staying goal-oriented and keeping up with a bit of friendly competition. In that case, Furniture Fair may have a place for you.

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