What Are The Features & Benefits Of Working At Furniture Fair?

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Working At Furniture Fair?

Ok, so you are probably aware that Furniture Fair is a growing furniture store group and hiring new sales representatives. Selling furniture may seem like the most straightforward task in the world or one of the most challenging, depending on your level of expertise, but if correctly done, it can be a rewarding career path.

So what are the features and benefits of working for a furniture company like Furniture Fair? This article will cover some of the positive things you can expect to experience when you begin your career here at the Fair.

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Working At Furniture Fair?

Uncapped Earning Potential

As a salesperson, you can earn uncapped commissions and build a book of business. Motivated new hires have the earning potential of around $102K at the beginning of their career, while experienced sales people potentially earning as much as $190k in commission.

Customers value honest, expert salespeople when shopping for their home furnishings and a good customer experience can lead to multiple return sales. The more time you spend building those relationships with customers, the more earning potential you have.

Healthcare Benefits

Furniture Fair believes in keeping employees healthy and safe. The health, eye care, and dental insurance programs provided through our company programs are designed to provide you with the healthcare you need without breaking the bank.

Furniture Fair offers an industry-leading health plan with copays and zero deductibles. Our health plan uses preferred hospitals within Christ Hospitals and the Kettering Health Network. Our vision and dental care programs are offered at multiple tiers, allowing you to customize your benefits depending on your more significant health priorities.

Retirement Savings Benefits

You might be thinking long-term, or you might just now be considering what your future career is going to be. One way or the other, Furniture Fair can help. Planning for your retirement is hassle-free with Furniture Fair’s retirement planning.

Furniture Fair offers 401K and Roth IRA retirement plans with investment plans that you can customize to your comfort level in conjunction with Fidelity Investments. In addition to customizable plans, Furniture Fair also offers 401K matching.

Invest in your retirement at a pace you can afford to have the peace of mind that you deserve when the time does come to retire. While you may only be at the beginning of your career, planning and saving for your future will make your life better when the time comes to kick back and relax.

Robust Vacation Time & Personal Time

The health and well-being of employees is vital to Furniture Fair, which is why they have a well-rounded program for vacation planning, sick days, and personal time off for health reasons or personal emergencies.

Furniture Fair also understands that your health and the health of your coworkers are essential, which is why employees have “Paid Time Off” that can be used when your physical, mental, or emotional health needs require them.

Your work experience should feel fulfilling, but we all need a break from the grind now and then. With that in mind, Furniture Fair offers five days of PTO after ninety days of your start date, two weeks after a year, three weeks after two years, and after three years of work, you will get an additional seven days, for a total of four weeks of PTO to be used in whatever way you deem necessary.

Internal Customer Priority

Part of furniture Fair’s company culture emphasizes employee satisfaction or the internal customer. Furniture Fair is a product and service industry, and part of that service is inner. A good machine is only as good as the parts that make up that machine, and part of maintaining a solid business is treating employees well.

Furniture Fair prioritizes creating lifetime relationships with both co-workers and clients. Customer care is a top priority, whether with customers or employees. This attitude is reflected internally through the attention to the internal customers, our hard-working employees.

Furniture Fair contributes to helping the internal customer by providing great benefits, group outings, team-building exercises, factory tours, education seminars, new skills, generous employee discounts on all merchandise, and ample opportunity for upward mobility.

Furniture Fair maintains an efficient yet caring workspace by following the “core values” that have been a part of our business strategy for years. Below are the core values that all employees and management are expected to live by.


  • We each do our part.
  • We help and encourage each other...no strings attached.
  • We work together towards common goals.
  • We hold each other accountable and learn from our mistakes.
  • We practice open communication and active listening.


  • We put ourselves in your shoes and seek to understand.
  • We go above and beyond.
  • We use a personal touch to provide a positive experience.
  • We value your feedback.
  • You are our top priority.


  • We are a family.
  • We’ll do what we can to help.
  • We support local causes.
  • We take pride in our community.
  • It’s our home too.


  • We embrace technology and drive change.
  • We are always looking ahead, and we strive to grow and improve.
  • We value education and enjoy learning.
  • We are determined.
  • We are the future.


  • We practice honesty, integrity, and professionalism.
  • We create relationships based on trust and respect.
  • We treat each other fairly.
  • We deliver more than we promise.


  • We believe you are more than a number.
  • We recognize and acknowledge loyalty.
  • We reward performance.
  • We always say thank you.
What Are The Features & Benefits Of Working At Furniture Fair?

Think you might be a good member of the Furniture Fair team? Are you ready to help customers get the best prices on quality furniture while making their experience better than any furniture buying experience of the past?

Furniture Fair wants to hear from you! We are always looking for motivated, passionate people to help round out our team, and you might just be the person we are looking for. Fill out an application today or visit one of our 11 locations throughout theCincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville areas.

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