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When it comes to home comfort, few places are as important as the living room. The central hub for most homes, the living room is the space for family meetings, movie nights, or simply a place to relax and unwind after a long day.

Living room comfort is essential to creating a relaxing family space, and one of the benchmarks for living room comfort is reclining furniture. Quality reclining furniture offers a place to sit, lounge, and even nap after you get back from work or a long day of running errands.

When searching for quality reclining furniture for your home, one of the best brands to consider is Southern Motion. Southern Motion was founded on the idea of combining the best in stationary and reclining furniture to create recliners, sectionals, sofas, and loveseats that are the best quality available.

But just what makes a Southern Motion piece so special, and why is this brand worth checking out? This article will detail Southern Motion and the products they offer and help you find out whether or not this American-made brand is right for you.

Read on to find out what you need to know about Southern Motion furniture.

What You Need To Know About Southern Motion
What You Need To Know About Southern Motion

Who Is Southern Motion?

Southern Motion is an American company that was founded in Mississippi in 1996. The core of the company’s mission was to focus on one thing; Building the best reclining furniture possible. Southern Motion offers reclining furniture with an emphasis on quality and style.

Southern Motion has become a leader in design and innovation in all categories of motion furniture. The company believes that striving towards excellence in the facility and product is how they continue to grow.

The brand offers reclining sofas and loveseats, power reclining sectionals, traditional recliners, power recliners, reclining accent chairs, and SoCozi massage chairs. Southern Motion also offers a wide range of styles to choose from, with one sure to fit your preferred room design.  

What You Need To Know About Southern Motion

What Are The Features & Benefits Of Southern Motion?

The construction of Southern Motion furniture shows excellent attention to detail, thanks to high-quality materials, all-wood construction for the frame, and solid metalreclining mechanisms, making for a longer-lasting piece.

All Southern Motion furniture features high-quality, dense foam in cushion cores and back supports that will give you a great feel and last a long time. If you like custom options, Southern Motion also features a wide variety of fabric and leather options, including top grain leather and faux leather, which is a bit easier for homes with pets.

Southern Motion also features a great selection of accent fabrics with colors and patterns that can match any accent chairs you want with your reclining sofa, sectional, or loveseat. Mix and match swatches and watch your dream room come together effortlessly.

There are several types of reclining options offered in most Southern Motion pieces. You can choose between manual reclining, power reclining, rocking reclining, and even zero gravity reclining.

Through the SoCozi partnership with an Italian massage chair brand, Southern Motion offers a unique line of deep tissue air massage chairs. However, these massage chairs are not the same as the stereotypical bulky massage chairs you would see at any mall.

SoCozi chairs offer massage features deep tissue massage, deep tissue heat therapy, lumbar support, and more with the silhouette and style of an accent chair or recliner. If you want massage features without sacrificing your room’s style, SoCozi is perfect for your needs.

What You Need To Know About Southern Motion
What You Need To Know About Southern Motion

What Is The Southern Motion Quality Ranking?

Southern Motion ranks as “Better” on the “Good, Better, Best” ranking system. This puts them right between brands like Ashley or Best Home Furnishings and best quality brands like Smith Brothers of Berne.

Because Southern Motion offers higher quality construction and is manufactured to American standards, the products made by the company will last an average of 15 years if properly maintained.

While Southern Motion does offer custom options and has a higher level of attention to detail, they are just below the “Best” category due to having an all-wood construction rather than solid wood construction. Southern Motion does not have the same level of customizability and attention to detail that brands in the “Best” category will have.

What You Need To Know About Southern Motion

Is Southern Motion Right For Me?

If reclining and comfort are essential for your living room, Southern Motion is the brand for you. Perfect for dens, home theatres, living rooms, basements, family rooms, or even a relaxed home office, Southern Motion reclining furniture will help you relax in style.

If you like to take naps while lying across your sofa, this brand may not be suitable for you due to the contour of the seats and the placement of the reclining mechanisms. The bumps created by the reclining features can make laying across the couch or sectional uncomfortable.

What You Need To Know About Southern Motion
What You Need To Know About Southern Motion

Ready To Find Out If Southern Motion Is Right For You?

Now that you know more about Southern Motion and the features and benefits offered, you will be better prepared to decide if this Made in the USA brand is right for you. Remember that Southern Motion is in the “Better” category and has multiple reclining options.

Keep in mind that Southern Motion offers sofas, loveseats, sectionals, recliners, and accent chairs, with a vast array of fabrics, accent fabrics, and leathers available. Finally, don’t forget that the SoCozi brand of Southern Motion offers heat and massage functions in stylish recliner designs.

If you are interested in testing out any of the features and benefits available with the Southern Motion brand, consider checking out your local Furniture Fair showroom. Located in and around the Cincinnati, Dayton, And Louisville areas, Furniture Fair has a wide selection of Southern Motion and SoCozi options available for you to test yourself.

Schedule an appointment today or stop by one of our 11 locations and find out if a new recliner, sectional, or massage chair is right for you.

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