June 12, 2020 5 min read

Top 10 Ways to Make Your Staycation Just as Amazing as a Vacation

The summer vacation season is just around the corner. With the current travel landscape, the hot trend this year is to spend your time off upping your staycation game. You may be thinking, stay at home?! Are you kidding? Not at all! In fact, there are ways to create a resort experience, right in your own backyard.

This summer, many people are investing in outdoor activities, pools and new BBQs to get their leisure game on point. In the spirit of helping everyone maximize their staycation, Furniture Fair has put together 10 fun furnishings that will make your space feel like it’s a thousand miles away! So put your cell on “do not disturb,” and let’s get relaxing!


Clare View Sofa

1. The Couch

We’re all a little guilty of spending too much time on the couch. However, if the couch is outside, in the sunshine, near a grill and a water feature, suddenly you’re not a couch potato. You’re doing something: chillin’.

Outdoor sofas are the first must-have to recreate the vacation experience at home. We like the outdoor sofa by Clare View. It’s effortless and elegant, combining sturdiness and style in a laid-back way. Because weather happens, the Clare View’s eucalyptus wood frame, decked out with tapered touches and slat styling, is treated to a five-step finishing process. The sofa cushions are soft and comfy yet remarkably durable, wrapped in a high-performing, low-maintenance Nuvella® fabric meant to last.

Cacios outdoor recliner set

2. The Recliner

Sofas are great, but sometimes you need a little personal space. Outdoor recliners are the perfect solution. Built for one and designed to bring your heart rate down, an outdoor recliner is a decadent luxury you can actually afford.

For example, consider the Cacios outdoor recliner set (just in case you’re on this staycation adventure with someone). These matching wicker-look chairs feature a weather-resistant gray finish over a sturdy but lightweight aluminum frame, perfect for watching a sunset with your feet up. Need a place to set that beverage occasionally? The set comes with a matching side table with a tempered glass top. Just add you.

3. Shade

Yes, sunlight is a great way to get your vitamin D on, but too many direct rays and the rest of your staycation could be spent inside, covered in aloe, watching reruns. Luckily, science has a solution: man-made shade. Every backyard resort zone needs two or three umbrellas for when you have to escape the sun.

The Burgundy patio umbrella provides cooling shade exactly where you want it. Patios, porches, decks, poolside — you name it, this sturdy umbrella creates that beach vibe you’re looking for. Featuring vented polyester fabric that resists the damaging effects of sun, mildew and dirt, the Burgundy is the king of patio umbrellas. Don’t forget to buy a stand!

4. Multifunctional Cocktail Table & Cooler

You may not have the luxury of being waited on hand and foot while on a staycation, but you can still eliminate those trips to the fridge inside if you come prepared. Sure, a cooler is fine. But how much more awesome would it be if your cooler was also your cocktail table?

Presenting the Brunswick Cocktail Table with Cooler. Immediately transform your outdoor space to resort-style living with this multi-functional furnishing. Designed for maximum comfort, this cocktail table has a center-of-table cooler to keep your beverages refreshingly chilled. It’s durable too, with weather-resistant powder coating, UV-resistant all-weather virgin resin wicker and synthetic woven fibers for use in full sun exposure year-round.

5. You’re Going to Need Chairs for That Awesome Cocktail Table

Sure, pull up some lawn chairs or sit yoga style. As long as the beverages are cold and the conversation is lively, who cares, right? But this is your vacation. Wouldn’t you rather be comfortable?

Gathercraft anticipated this, so they created their Brunswick Swivel, Club or Loveseats to pair specifically with the look and design of their cocktail/cooler. All three feature the same classy design and sturdy build as the cocktail/cooler but with one huge bonus: resort-level comfort. Sit back and have a cold one. You don’t need to be anywhere anytime soon.

Preston Bay Dining Set

6. Dinner Time

One of our favorite vacation luxuries is eating outside. Fellowshipping with family or friends in the warm evening air while noshing on delicious food is the pinnacle of vacay. You can do this at home too! You just need the right dining set designed for the outdoors.

May we suggest looking into the Preston Bay Outdoor Dining table and chairs? It’s a set that makes entertaining in any outdoor dining area a pleasure. Easily imagine yourself and some of your closest friends toasting the night away under the stars at this warmly casual, yet deceptively upscale, dining set.

Preston Bay Fire Pit Trio

7. Fire Pit

After dinner, many vacation revelers like to enjoy some special time around a fire. On staycation, you could build a fire inside, but that sounds like a lot of work. Besides, it’s lovely outside on warm summer nights. You need your own fire pit to retreat to after a relaxing meal.

The Preston Bay Fire Pit set brings the relaxed aesthetic of modern farmhouse design to your staycation. The square fire pit trio is styled in marbled white with a wood-look top. Its rust-proof aluminum frame ensures that carefree vibe. Sporting iconic crossbuck fixings, this fire pit table brings home-on-the-range to backyard entertaining. The stainless-steel burner with glass beads adds a captivating element as the firelight flickers.

8. Outdoor Café

Maybe you’re a city vacationer. You can imitate the Parisian café experience on staycation as long as you have an espresso to sip and a baguette to munch. Or maybe you prefer to wine and cheese with your special someone after dinner. Regardless, the Nostalgia Outdoor Café Set is a charming trio perfect for hosting such an intimate moment. With waterfall glass, synthetic rattan seats and a clean white powder-coated aluminum frame, this romantic setup will help the night end right.

9. Hanging Basket Chair

Staycationing solo? Then you need a specially designated hangout zone just for you. The Gathercraft hanging basket chair could be just the excuse you need to unwind unconventionally. Settle into the cushions and gently swing back and forth from a tree branch or your outdoor pergola. Listen to the sounds of the evening, and let the troubles of the day fall away.

10. Get Yourself a Comfortable Bed

Getting a glorious night’s sleep, waking up naturally without the alarm clock — this is a luxury savored on vacation. You can have the same experience in your own bedroom by finally ditching that old lumpy mattress and upgrading to the one you actually find comfortable.

Overwhelmed by the number of choices in the mattress market? Furniture Fair has the ideal solution for you. Our bedMATCH technology will scientifically determine your support needs in less than three minutes. Once your perfect support level has been discovered, our professional sales staff will show you the mattresses in stock that match your body and your price. The best part of a new mattress — you don’t have to leave it behind when your staycation is over!

Furniture Fair has been offering the Tri-State area high-quality furniture at fair prices for decades. Because they understand the hardships our communities are enduring, they’re offering discounts equivalent to your sales tax as well as no interest if you buy in-store with your Furniture Fair credit card. Start building your perfect staycation collection today.