December 17, 2018 3 min read

The holiday season is now upon us.  Everyone is preparing for holiday guests to arrive.  With many social gatherings on the calendar, now is a good time to prepare and take stock of how well your space is set up for entertaining.  There will be lots of holiday parties, many family gatherings and a lot of activity in your home.

Your home might work well for everyday living, but the holidays have you adding and removing decorations to match the season.  So, what can you do to prepare?

Decluttering – Start by decluttering your rooms where you plan to entertain.  If there is not enough time to sort through things, place them in a box and store them away in a closet until time allows.   Here are some more examples:

  • Remove all unneeded items away so your kitchen counter tops are clear.
  • Put away toasters and blenders.
  • Cleaning out the refrigerator, oven, and microwave is a great idea too.
  • Clear out your entryway. Remove all your personal items and coats from the hooks and coat closet so there is room available for your guests to stash their coats and shoes.

Space for Entertaining –Guests that are visiting for the holiday will want to have plenty of space to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  The guests sitting in the living room will want to enjoy appetizers you may have laid out, lean over and speak to people seated in other places and lay back and relax a little after they finish a big meal.  Make sure you add extra seating in the living room if you plan to gather there before and after dinner.  Adding chairs, ottoman, benches or even extra cushions near the fireplace can provide a little extra seating so your guests can sit comfortably. Furniture Fair can help you with these items!

Easy Entertaining –Make sure seating areas are not too close to the area where guests will be getting drinks and food, or they will constantly be running into each other.  You can do this by creating clear pathways where guests can get through to the bar, or out of the room to the bathroom. If you have a main seating area, try creating small areas where a couple people can get away from the main conversation and have a more in-depth chat with each other. You may want to add rugs along these pathways to protect your flooring from increased foot traffic and possible spills.

Clean and Fresh– Keep all areas clean and smelling fresh.  Do some deep cleaning before guest arrive.  Make sure all bathrooms are sparkling clean.  If you have a half bath you will want to make sure it is in perfect condition as that will most likely be the one guests use the most.  Make sure all towels are fresh and fitting for the holiday season.

Season Decorations –Don’t forget to add seasonal elements to all your entertaining areas.   Adding decorative accents to your space in holiday-inspired colors will help you create a holiday atmosphere from the time guests walk in. Curtains, decorative pillows, and holiday themed artwork can help set a festive mood.  Add lamps to create the perfect light level for a party and candles to give the flickering glow of a fireplace.

One last tip!  Don’t forget about the overnight Guests.  Traveling can be stressful and most will pack light.  Prepare the bathroom with extras toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, towels, and toilet paper.  A roll of paper towels under the sink wouldn’t hurt either. These extra items will make your overnight guests feel comfortable.

Prepare the guest rooms with holiday themed linens and comforters.  Flannel sheets are always a nice touch.  Extra pillows, night lights, tissues on the night stand, extra blankets and maybe some good reading material.  One or two good smelling candles help add to the relaxation.

Clear out the closets and drawers so quests have room to store their items.  And don’t forget to provide a little note on the nightstand welcoming your quests and providing them with the wifi access.

All of these last minute touches to your home will make for a great holiday season.  We here at Furniture Fair hope you enjoy the holidays with your friends and family!