March 20, 2023 2 min read

Shred Your Sensitive Documents For Free At Furniture Fair On April 10th, 2021
Shred Your Sensitive Documents For Free At Furniture Fair On April 10th, 2021

April 15th | 8 am – 12 pm
Furniture Fair Locations
Northgate, Eastgate, Cold Spring, Fairfield, Fields Ertel

One of the primary ways your personal and financial information can be compromised is through your trash. Discarded bills, statements, and other sensitive info can be an illicit gold mine for identity thieves and fraudsters.

A great way to ensure that your sensitive personal information remains uncompromised is to shred any paper documents so they can no longer be used nefariously. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a shredder for sensitive business and personal documents.

That’s why Furniture Fair is teaming up with Shred-it, WCPO 9, Crime Stoppers, & Walgreens to bring you the 2023 Shred Event! Bring your sensitive documents to one of the five Furniture Fair locations listed here and we will shred them for FREE, to ensure your identity remains safe.

In addition, we will be accepting any over-the-counter medications and prescription pills that you do not need anymore. Disposing of these pills properly will ensure that they stay safe and out of harm’s way. No appointment neccessary. Bring your vehicle and drive through to the designated area where our team will help shred your sensitive documents.

Don’t risk losing your identity to a trashy identity thief! Come to the Shred Event on April 15th from 8 am to 12 pm and let Furniture Fair, WCPO 9, Shred-it, Crime Stoppers, and Walgreens safely dispose of your sensitive documents and unused prescriptions.

Shred Your Sensitive Documents For Free At Furniture Fair


Paper Shredding: Can shred all paper, rubber bands, paper clips, staples, notebooks, file folders, alligator clips, and blueprints.
Not Accepting: batteries, metal items, hard drives, computers, electronics, plastic bottles, glass of any kind, perishable items, food, or liquids.

Drug Take-Back: Accepting over-the-counter medications and prescription pills.
Not accepting: liquids, ointments, needles, pens, gels or creams.

All proceeds go to support the Cincinnati Crime Stoppers organization.