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Michael Nicholas Vs. Hickorycraft Living Room Furniture

Finding the right custom living room furniture can be challenging, especially without the proper knowledge and understanding of the products you're considering. The correct information can help you avoid buyer’s remorse and find the right sofa, loveseat, or sectional for your home.

Welcome to Furniture Fair's product comparison article, where we aim to provide unbiased insights into two similar custom stationary living room furniture brands: Michael Nicholas Designs and Hickorycraft.

At Furniture Fair, we aim to educate customers in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana on finding the perfect furniture for your living space. We understand the importance of making informed decisions and want you to be happy with your next furniture purchase.

In this article, we will explore both brands' unique features, customization options, and overall quality, enabling you to make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. So, let's delve into the world of Michael Nicholas Designs and Hickorycraft and discover which brand suits your needs best.

Michael Nicholas Vs. Hickorycraft Living Room Furniture
Michael Nicholas Vs. Hickorycraft Living Room Furniture

Who Is Hickorycraft?

For over four decades, Hickorycraft by Craftmaster has been crafting furniture in the scenic foothills of North Carolina. In this region, furniture is not just a business but a cherished tradition.

Hickorycraft offers a wide range of custom fabric selections, including two types of stain-resistant performance fabrics. Stain-resistant synthetic fabrics provide an extra layer of protection against those minor spills and smudges your fabric can encounter.

All Hickorycraft frames are manufactured using manufactured hardwood solids, bringing them into the “better” category of the good, better, best ranking system. With “better” quality furniture, you will get a good balance of quality and affordability.

Another option that Hickorycraft offers is the ability to turn most of their frames into reclining furniture. If you like the frame, but want to add reclining, with Hickorycraft that option is available, with only a few restrictions.

Hickorycraft also offers flow matching on all pattern upholstery fabrics. Flow matching means that your upholstery patterns will match exactly, creating a uniform look and providing that extra level of detail that sets more detail-oriented furniture companies apart from the competition.

Michael Nicholas Vs. Hickorycraft Living Room Furniture

Who Is Michael Nicholas Designs?

Driven by a commitment to make a positive impact on the local furniture manufacturing community in Southern California, Michael Nicholas Designs offers high-quality sofas at an affordable price point.

Since its establishment in the spring of 2003, this small, USA-based company has experienced consistent growth while upholding a rich tradition of American manufacturing, ensuring durable products for their customers.

Michael Nicholas frames are pre-built and cannot be customized; however, the program does offer over 100 custom fabric upholstery options to help you achieve the unique look you want.

Michael Nicholas seating is designed to sit deeper than typical furniture. Most traditional sofas sit between 36 - 38” deep. Michael Nicholas sofas range from 40 - 44”, making them much deeper and cozier than the average sofa.

Because of the larger size, many sofas can be built with chaises that are the same size as a standard full-size bed, meaning they can double as a guest bed if needed or a spot to take a nap after a long day at work.

In addition to being multi-functional, the ample seating of Michael Nicholas furniture is also big and tall friendly, with lots of room for multiple people to sit comfortably without people feeling cramped. The brand also features three custom comfort seating options.

Michael Nicholas is unique to many custom manufacturers in that they charge a flat price no matter what fabric you choose. Whether you decide to use fabric, performance fabric, or leather, you will pay the same price as any other available fabric.

In addition to their commitment to comfort, Michael Nicholas Designs is dedicated to sustainable sourcing and construction value. Their furniture features hardwood reinforcing on all frame stress points, ensuring robust construction.

Furthermore, they actively contribute to reforestation efforts by planting five new trees for every tree they harvest to use in their furniture. With a focus on sustainability and quality, Michael Nicholas Designs strives to provide furniture that exceeds expectations.

Michael Nicholas Vs. Hickorycraft Living Room Furniture
Michael Nicholas Vs. Hickorycraft Living Room Furniture

How Do Michael Nicholas & Hickorycraft Compare?

When comparing these two great stationary living room seating furniture brands, several factors come into play. Michael Nicholas Designs offers deeper seating, allowing you to personalize your furniture to suit your unique style and preferences.

Michael Nicholas specializes in deeper sitting furniture with an emphasis on comfort. True to the laid-back California style, Michael Nicholas furniture is designed for lounging and relaxing. Spacious seating and supportive cushioning make Michael Nicholas furniture something to be sat in, rather than on.

Michael Nicholas has a mission to create furniture that is sustainably sourced with tremendous construction value through the use of hardwood reinforcing on all frame stress points, or their mission to plant five new trees for every tree that they harvest to use in their furniture.

If you enjoy deep seating, casual comfort, and special order furniture at a fair price, Michael Nicholas might be the best furniture option for your needs.

Hickorycraft boasts a rich heritage of handcrafted furniture known for its durability and timeless appeal. Their selection includes various upholstery options, ensuring you find the perfect fabric or leather to match your aesthetic. Both brands prioritize customer satisfaction, offering comfortable seating solutions that enhance your living room experience.

In terms of affordability and budget-friendly options, Hickorycraft may be a better choice. While both brands offer high-quality furniture, Hickorycraft tends to have a broader range of price points, making it more accessible for customers who are conscious of their budget.

They provide various options catering to different price ranges without compromising on quality. This affordability factor allows individuals to find suitable living room seating options without straining their finances.

Ultimately, the choice between Michael Nicholas Designs and Hickorycraft depends on your specific design preferences and the level of customization you desire. Michael Nicholas offers deep seating and a wide range of custom options, while Hickorycraft offers custom options at more affordable price ranges.

Michael Nicholas Vs. Hickorycraft Living Room Furniture

Ready To Decide Which Custom Living Room Furniture Brand Is Right For You?

In conclusion, our comparison of Michael Nicholas Designs and Hickorycraft reveals two exceptional stationary living room seating furniture brands with distinct features and advantages.

Hickorycraft stands out for its extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor your furniture to your preferences. On the other hand, Michael Nicholas offers deep seating and fabric options without compromising quality, making it an excellent choice for those on who need deeper seating.

At Furniture Fair, we understand the importance of finding the right furniture for your needs. We invite you to visit our showrooms in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, or Southern Indiana, where our friendly furniture experts are ready to assist you.

Schedule an appointment today, and let us guide you toward making the perfect choice for your living room. Your dream furniture awaits at Furniture Fair.

Michael Nicholas Vs. Hickorycraft Living Room Furniture
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