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Top 10 Best Holiday Furniture Gift Ideas for 2020 (Fun Present Ideas For The Holiday Season)

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes the joy (or dread) of finding gifts for those closest to you. If you’re anything like us, you have quite a few people to shop for this holiday season, and while a gift basket of artisanal meats and cheeses might make Craig your manager happy, the ones closest to you might require a bit more thought.

Gifts should indicate that you put thought into what you got the person or think of them. While your kids might enjoy the newest gaming system, Grandpa George and Grandma Georgina might not be quite as stoked to play the latest Call of Duty game (or maybe they are, I mean, age is just a number, right?).

You know what your loved ones and, to a lesser degree, your in-laws like, but you might not know what gift options are out there that you may not have considered. Gifts can be anything from a thoughtful letter to something that Santa might have trouble fitting down the chimney.

If you’re looking for the latter, when it comes to gift-giving, Furniture Fair has a few options for you! We’ve sold furniture for over 50 years, and we’ve helped people like yourself find a great selection of presents for the people you care about and the relatives you tolerate.

This year, as the time for gift-giving draws nearer, we’ve decided to help you narrow down the search for a great gift by listing our top ten best furniture gift ideas for 2020! After reading this article, you might have an excellent idea for what to get for someone you care about this holiday season.

Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas
Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas

If you have a loved one with a flair for shiny accessories, consider getting them a jewelry armoire!Armoires provide elegant storage space for the various rings, necklaces, pins, and brooches that they own.

A jewelry armoire will help keep jewelry organized and within reach, helping save time and stress when you need that specific piece to complete your outfit.

In addition to being a highly practical for storage, a jewelry armoire will add a sophisticated, classic feel to any room. Get your the loved one the gift of a tidy jewelry collection by getting them a jewelry armoire.

Top 10 Best Holiday Furniture Gift Ideas for 2020 (Fun Present Ideas For The Holiday Season)

Nothing is more relaxing after a long day of holiday shopping than arriving back home and relaxing in your favorite recliner. Many people might have fond memories of the recliner reserved for Dad to watch TV or read the newspaper.

While TV and newspapers might be slowly fading mediums, recliners continue to be popular with people, especially those who enjoy sitting. In addition to giving your feet a welcome respite, recliners can do a lot more now, thanks to power motion technology.

While the old trusty wood handle recliners are still available, they are by no means the only reclining option. Recliners come in all shapes and sizes with power reclining, power headrest, lumbar support, heating, and even power massage technology!

If your significant other enjoys movies or watching sports (competitive tetherball anyone?) Recliners are available with built-in cupholders and even USB ports for charging the phone or tablet you are using to read this article.

If you are looking for a nice gift that will get years of use by your family or that person your care about, a recliner or matching recliner set is a great option. Plus, a recliner will last for a long time and make for even more memories during the next holiday season.

Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas
Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas

#3 Vanity Sets

If you own or know someone who owns an extensive collection of makeup and styling products, you know how much real estate is needed to store said collection. A great way to free up some counter space in your bathroom is to gift them a vanity set.

Vanity sets come with mirrors and a section to hold and store whatever items you use in your daily routine. Vanity sets allow you to get ready at your leisure without having to fight your partner, roommate, or siblings for the restroom counter space.

Consider giving someone you care about an easier way to get ready for work or those special occasions. They will enjoy the thoughtful gesture, and you might get your bathroom counter back.

Top 10 Best Holiday Furniture Gift Ideas for 2020 (Fun Present Ideas For The Holiday Season)

Are you looking for another way to get a gift that your children will use for years? Consider buying accent chairs for kids’ bedrooms. Kids might have more energy than us adults, but even they need a place to sit eventually.

You can find a wide variety of kids chairs with crazy patterns, fun colors, and even funny animal versions that have storage bins built into the seats. Why not get your kid a fun chair that will also save your bare feet from the terrors of his Lego bricks?

Help round out your kid’s bedroom look in a practical way by getting them a space to sit. Your kids can use the chairs for sitting or, more likely, a new home for their clean but unfolded laundry.

Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas
Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas

Chairside tables are like earrings for your sofa. They aren’t necessary, but they can tie a style together. Plus, they are great for holding all those scented candles that you will one day use.

In all seriousness, chairside tables are a great way to help bring your room style together, and they are perfect for storing remotes, magazines and providing a spot for your accent lamps. Chairside tables are an excellent gift that many people might not think to get for themselves.

Help that bachelor friend of yours finish out his living room interior design, or make your friend’s holiday by completing their room with some chairside tables. Plus, a chairside table is a perfect place to set that holiday eggnog, with a coaster of course.

Top 10 Best Holiday Furniture Gift Ideas for 2020 (Fun Present Ideas For The Holiday Season)

Speaking of youth beds, why not upgrade your kid’s bed this holiday season. Perhaps your little rascal isn’t so little anymore, and they need a bed that matches how much they’ve grown. Or maybe that old bed they have is quite literally on its last leg and needs to be replaced.

A new bed will make you and your kids happy, and who knows? Maybe they’ll even clean up the room to match that clean new bed. While a cleaned room is probably wishful thinking, a new bed is still an excellent option for a useful gift that your son or daughter will get years of use.

Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas
Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas

As much a gift for the parents as the kids, bunk beds provide kids with a place to sleep while saving space. Kids love bunk beds, especially when visiting relatives! Bunk beds hearken back to summer camp and log cabins, and a good quality bunk bed will be practical and cozy.

If you have a smaller space that you are using for your kid’s bedroom, bunk beds are a great way to utilize the given space to the maximum potential.

After getting bunk beds, the only thing left to do is to let the kids hash out who gets the top bunk or the bottom bunk.

Top 10 Best Holiday Furniture Gift Ideas for 2020 (Fun Present Ideas For The Holiday Season)

There’s nothing like the feeling of cozying up to a warm fireplace around the wintertime with a cup of your favorite hot beverage and some festive tunes to get you in the holiday spirit. That being said, not everyone has the luxury of an old-timey wood-burning fireplace to sit beside.

Thankfully, A fireplace doesn’t always require extensive remodeling of your home and hours of work splitting big logs into smaller logs: Behold, the electric fireplace, champion of convenient warmth, and the bane of lumberjacks everywhere.

Electric fireplaces allow you to get that warm nostalgic feeling of sitting by the fireside while taking many hassles away. Electric fireplaces are perfect for apartments that can’t be remodeled or for smaller spaces that don’t have room for a giant mantlepiece and brickwork.

If you’ve always wanted to grab your sweetheart and enjoy the warm glow of a fire without having to deal with soot, ashes, and the occasional varmint blocking your flu, consider getting an electric fireplace. You can look forward to many more cozy holiday memories with a new fireplace.

Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas
Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas

“All I want this holiday season is a good night’s sleep.” If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms like this, then your mattress may be to blame. Perhaps the best gift you can give this holiday season is the gift of sound, restful sleep.

We spend half of our lives asleep, and some of us would likely spend even more time staring at the back of our eyelids if not for those pesky jobs and life responsibilities. Don’t let a lousy mattress rob you of your hard-earned slumber this year.

Mattresses are available in a wide range of options, such as memory foam, coil spring, and hybrid options, with some options even able to ship right to your front door for the holidays.

If you aren’t sure which mattress will give you the best rest, come into Furniture Fair and take our BedMatch rest test and determine the best mattresses for your sleeping needs.

Top 10 Best Holiday Furniture Gift Ideas for 2020 (Fun Present Ideas For The Holiday Season)

Bar stools are a versatile gift for the home. Bar stools can be used for a home bar, for that kitchen island, or to complete a game room that needs seating for the upcoming poker night.

Bar stools are available in various shapes and styles that will fit almost any theme you can imagine.

Got a sports fanatic who's in the process of building the perfect room to hang out and watch the big game? Bar stools might be the ideal addition to provide seating and to sulk in when your team inevitably loses, and you have to pay Craig twenty bucks.

Perhaps your partner wants to redo the kitchen, and they want a particular set of bar stools to invite more people over and have seating areas for them.

Regardless of the space or function, bar stools are a convenient thoughtful gift idea and a great way to fill out your living space.

Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas
Top 10 Best Furniture Gift Ideas

Give The Gift Of New Furniture This Holiday!

Whatever the person in your life you are shopping for, you can most likely find a gift that they will use and appreciate at Furniture Fair. We carry everything from fireplace inserts to bunk beds, and we love seeing the products we sell bring smiles to your loved ones.

If you are in the market for any of these top ten gift ideas and live in the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville area, consider shopping at Furniture Fair. We have over50 years of experience selling furniture, and we can help you find the perfect meaningful gift for the special people in your life.

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