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If you are in the market for new furniture to complete your living room or your basement entertainment area, you may have heard of Hickorycraft. Hickorycraft furniture offers a personalization level that you simply cannot get with standard premade furniture and offers a fantastic custom design program.

You might be thinking, “What’s so special about Hickorycraft, and what makes it different from any other furniture design?” If you are curious about what sets this custom manufacturer apart from the competition, this article is for you.

Here at Furniture Fair, we know that furniture is not a small purchase, and a custom-designed piece of furniture is an even more significant investment. We want you to be as knowledgeable as possible before committing to new home furnishings.

With that in mind, we’ve put together this overview of the Hickorycraft program so that you can know more about whether or not their custom dining is suitable for your home. Read on to learn more about Hickorycraft custom upholstery furniture.

What You Need To Know About Hickorycraft
What You Need To Know About Hickorycraft

Who Is Hickorycraft?

Hickorycraft by Craftmaster has been building furniture in the foothills of North Carolina for over 40 years. In this region of the United States, furniture is more than a business; it is a tradition. The customizable furniture built in their North Carolina facilities is made the old-fashioned way – by hand, with attention to every detail.

Hickorycraft’s work ethic and pride in craftsmanship are alive and evident in every piece of upholstered furniture they create. Hickorycraft offers a broad selection of styles and fabrics for all lifestyles; your choice is only limited by your imagination!

What You Need To Know About Hickorycraft

What Does Hickorycraft Specialize In?

Hickorycraft offers a wide range of custom fabric selections, including two types of stain-resistant performance fabrics. Stain-resistant synthetic fabrics provide an extra layer of protection against those minor spills and smudges your fabric can encounter.

See our article on how to clean fabric upholstery for a guide on the best methods for taking care of performance fabric. With performance fabric options, you can stress about stains less and focus on enjoying your furniture.

Hickorycraft uses 2.0 density foam in their cushion construction for a more durable cushion than the 1.8 industry-standard cushion foam. Cushions from Hickorycraft are designed to last longer while still providing support and comfort.

All Hickorycraft frames are manufactured using manufactured hardwood solids, bringing them into the “better” category of the good, better, best ranking system. With “better” quality furniture, you will get a good balance of quality and affordability.

Another option that Hickorycraft offers is the ability to turn most of their frames into reclining furniture. If you like the frame, but want to add reclining, with Hickorycraft that option is available, with only a few restrictions.

Hickorycraft also offers flow matching on all pattern upholstery fabrics. Flow matching means that your upholstery patterns will match exactly, creating a uniform look and providing that extra level of detail that sets more detail-oriented furniture companies apart from the competition.

What You Need To Know About Hickorycraft
What You Need To Know About Hickorycraft

Is Hickorycraft Right For Me?

If you enjoy quality furniture with a wide range of custom options, Hickorycraft may be for you. Hickorycraft is very customizable and offers a configuration for every home, whether you need a sofa, loveseat, sectional, or chaise lounge.

If you want custom options but aren’t wanting to pay premium prices, Hickorycraft is also a great option to consider. Hickorycraft furniture is designed to fit that happy medium between long-lasting, high-quality furniture and affordable pricing.

Hickorycraft furniture is excellent in living rooms, dens, game rooms, entertainment rooms, or transitional rooms. Hickorycraft sectionals and sofas can be ordered with an optional pull-out sofa bed with both memory foam and innerspring mattresses available to order.

What You Need To Know About Hickorycraft

Ready To Find Out If Hickorycraft Is The Right Mattress For Your Needs?

Now that you know more about both Hickorycraft and their custom furniture options, you are one step closer to creating the furniture of your dreams.

Remember that Hickorycraft offers custom configuration options, custom upholstery, performance fabrics, durable memory foam and is manufactured from manufactured hardwood solids and sold at a better quality-price point.

If you are interested in purchasing Hickorycraft furniture, consider making an appointment with a sales expert at Furniture Fair.

With a history of selling furniture that dates back to the early 60s, our company is dedicated to helping you find the furniture that you want at the Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville area’s guaranteed lowest price.

Visit us in-store or online and find the living room set that you will treasure for decades to come.

What You Need To Know About Hickorycraft