October 27, 2016 2 min read

Country singer-songwriter Eric Church has released five acclaimed albums, played at major venues across the United States and Canada, and topped charts with his melodies. And yet, as any Church fan knows, this big-time star is simply a small-town North Carolina boy at heart.

Although his music offers a deep nostalgia for the heartland of Church’s own childhood, the artist’s newest endeavor—the Highway to Home furniture collection—speaks to his roots perhaps better than any of his other projects.

Why a furniture collection from a country music star? “Sawdust in my veins,” Church says. In the small North Carolina town where he grew up, many of his friends and family worked in the local furniture industry. Church spent many summers as a young man working in furniture design, carpentry, and upholstery. In the Highway to Home collection, Church returns to this time in his life, proving his artistry extends to using furniture to tell the story—or, in this case, sing the song—of a home.

eric church furniture

Inspired by both his lifestyle and music, Eric Church’s Furniture collection offers a tangible expression of the family values and adventurous spirit of his chart-topping hits. The pieces are a reflection of Church’s own design style and that of his listeners—who are now his customers. With four distinct collections within the Highway to Home line, shoppers can mix and match Arrow Ridge, Silverton Sound, Heartland Falls, and Accent Pieces to tell their own family stories. Simply put, Highway to Home is music for your home, with each item representing a unique note.

Families who gather for nightly dinner will love the Highway to Home dining sets; those who always watch Sunday football together can relax in the reclining sofas and chairs; those who enjoy entertaining friends will want a home bar from the collection. A twist on Church’s lyric, “a melody sounds like a memory,” the Highway to Home pieces are designed to create places in the home ideal for making memories and singing out the melody of a home’s song.

eric church furniture

Because Church’s Highway to Home collection is rooted in the spirit of a family home, Furniture Fair is proud to offer the line locally. The chain, known for family-style hospitality and renowned customer service, has 11 stores across Ohio and Kentucky—guaranteeing that Church’s Highway to Home line is easy to find.

Ready to redesign your home to sing out the song of your family? Check out the full Highway to Home line at Furniture Fair or at Eric Church’s Highway to Home website