January 10, 2022 4 min read

Anyone in the market for a table has seen the basic wood, plastic, veneer, or marble tabletops. Yawn. I mean, who wants to be that boring person that has a normal table? Well, other than most people.

However, if you aren’t most people, you want a fancy table that stands out and has a unique and resilient style. Enter the coppertop table. A bold statement for a bold person, coppertop tables have an iconic style unlike any other trendy dinette around.

“Great!” you might be thinking. “Sounds like the table for me!” But if you are going to go big and bold with a copper dining table top, you need to know how to clean and maintain one. Like wood and marble, a copper table top has cleaning requirements to ensure it looks the best in your dining room.

At Furniture Fair, we believe in helping our customers before, during, and after every purchase with content that will help them get the most use out of their investment. If you are purchasing or planning on buying a coppertop table, this article will help you learn the best ways to clean and maintain your table.

Whether you are considering a copper tabletop purchase or hastily googling “how to clean coppertop table” because Aunt Linda spilled the gravy boat AGAIN, read on, and find out how you can get the most longevity out of your copper tabletop.

How To Care For A Copper Table Top
How To Care For A Copper Table Top

What Is A Coppertop Table?

A coppertop table is any table and chairs set that has a smooth or hammered copper finish covering the table surface. A thin sheet of copper material is placed over whatever materials are used to build the table, and then a thin layer of wax sealant is applied to protect the metal patina.

Coppertop kitchen tables have a unique look that separates them from most other tabletop designs and gives your dining room a warmer, more bohemian feeling. With a coppertop table, you can make your dining space the center of the conversation rather than just a place to hold food and beverages.

How To Care For A Copper Table Top

What Can I Use To Clean A Copper Top Table?

Copper table maintenance only requires two things, wax, and clean cloths. Yes, cleaning your copper table is that simple. You can make your table look beautiful and have a unique-looking piece for your dining room with minimal effort.

Any commercial grade wax paste should be ok to use. The wax, when dried, creates a barrier between the copper finish and helps keep unwanted spills and messes from damaging the patina of the copper top.

How To Care For A Copper Table Top
How To Care For A Copper Table Top

How Do I Clean My Copper Top Table?

While the thought of maintaining a copper surface may seem intimidating, copper is surprisingly easy to maintain. Simply apply a coat of wax to the copper top and allow it to dry for five to ten minutes.

If you aren’t sure if the wax protective coating is still working, try sprinkling drops of water on the table. The wax coating is doing its job if the water droplets are still beading on the surface. If the water is not beading, the time has come to reapply the sealant wax.

After the applied wax has dried, wipe down the table with a clean, dry soft cloth or towel. You should dust your tabletop periodically to help prevent residue buildup and keep your table looking newer for longer.

If you need to clean spills or messes from your copper table, any mild cleaning detergent should help remove them quickly. Avoid powerful detergents or abrasive cleaning materials like steel wool or wire brushes, as copper finishes can scratch easily, even with a protective wax coating.

Over time your table will oxidize and develop a beautiful patina that will give it an antiqued appearance. Another reason to avoid abrasive metal cleaning methods is their potential to destroy the patina that you’ve worked so hard to build up.

How To Care For A Copper Table Top

What Should I Do If My Copper Table Is Scratched?

Worried about that pesky scratch Aunt Linda’s niece left on the table with her fork? Copper table tops are much more resilient than you may think. Scratches aren’t as big of a deal with copper as they can be with natural wood or veneer tables.

Because copper is a softer, more malleable metal, the state of the material allows scratches to disappear in as little as two weeks, meaning you shouldn’t need to do anything other than wait for it to disappear.

However, if you want to speed up the healing process, you can apply a catalyst such as lime juice or saltwater, which will speed up the oxidation process. Keep in mind that this could significantly darken the patina on your table, so use caution before breaking out the lime juice.

How To Care For A Copper Table Top
How To Care For A Copper Table Top

Ready To Keep Your Coppertop Table Looking Amazing?

Don’t let fear of maintenance keep you from owning a wonderful and unique modern dining table. Now that you know how to care for and maintain a coppertop table, you will be better prepared to keep yours looking amazing and lasting for a long time.

Remember that coppertop tables only require industrial wax paste and a clean cloth to maintain and are easy to upkeep if cleaned and dusted regularly. Keep in mind that most scratches heal on their own, but you can speed up the process using lime juice or saltwater.

If you want to own a coppertop table for your dining room, why not visit a showroom near you and experience the table yourself? Furniture Fair has a selection of coppertop table styles that can be special ordered to your desired size. Schedule an appointment today or drop by and find out if a copper finish dining table is the right choice for your home.