April 01, 2022 4 min read

Furniture Fair Unveils Revolutionary New Line Of See-through Furniture

When it comes to furniture innovation, many furniture manufacturers are looking to create the next revolution in furniture design. Interior designers and furniture designers alike have long searched for ways to make furniture that can fit well with any design style, no matter how niche that style may be.

Furniture Fair is among those industries seeking the perfect blend of modern technology and stylish appeal. For over 55 years, our family-owned and operated stores have sold quality furniture from companies at the forefront of style and technological achievement.

One company on the bleeding edge of furniture technology is Mirage Home Furnishings, based out of Clearview, Washington. The innovative furniture manufacturing plant focuses on sustainable, Made-in-USA home furnishings that blend seamlessly into your room’s decor.

Furniture Fair is proud to announce that we will begin displaying Mirage’s revolutionary new see-through furniture collection, Vanishing Point, as of April 1st, 2022. Read on to learn more about how this fantastic new furniture collection can be a beautiful yet non-obtrusive addition to your home.

Furniture Fair Unveils Revolutionary New Line Of See-through Furniture
Furniture Fair Unveils Revolutionary New Line Of See-through Furniture

What Is The Vanishing Point Collection?

Mirage has frequently been the subject of media attention in the furniture world. Whether through their innovations into fast food scented couch cushions, or their push toward creating self-aware area rugs, there is no boundary that Mirage will not violate in the name of home comfort.

With the recent rebranding and their new flagship collection, known as the Vanishing Point Collection, Mirage hopes to add a new definition to what living room furniture can look like. The collection features a customizable sofa, loveseat, sectional, and swivel armchair, with each piece also featuring power reclining.

The collection uses nanowire upholstery that bends light around the frame of each piece, allowing you to see through the furniture no matter where you are standing. Thanks to this new collection, gone are the days of wondering what is behind your couch.

The performance-grade nanowire upholstered pieces are offered in over 9000 color options, which might seem excessive, given that the furniture is already see-through, but according to spokesperson John C. “Color isn’t something you can see, it’s a feeling, and we want to find the perfect color for every room, even if you can’t see it.”

To help reduce the potential for stubbed toes and costly frivolous lawsuits, Mirage has also included motion sensors with their patented SOUNDWAIV technology to tell you when you are too close to the couch.

Once activated, the SOUNDWAIV will emit a high-pitched beeping that will increase whenever the user gets closer to the furniture. The company states that, due to safety regulations, this system cannot be turned off.

Each piece in the collection has a unique style to its functionality. Head of product development H. Wells states, “We chose to focus less on aesthetics and more on making it see-through. You can say we were thinking, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ if you’ll excuse the pun.”

Is The Vanishing Point Collection Right For Me?

Now that you know about the Vanishing Point Collection by Mirage Home Furnishings, perhaps you may be wondering if this set is suitable for your living room, tea parlor, or den. Here are a few things to consider before deciding if Vanishing Point is ideal for you.

This product is excellent for anyone who wants to show off the decor and accessories in their home. Each piece blends in seamlessly with the background, allowing your color choices, wall art, and electrical outlet choices to shine like never before.

The collection makes cleaning a breeze due to its see-through nature. Crumbs and dirt are easily visible for cleaning, thanks to nanowire technology. One downside to the fabric is that no moisture of any kind can be allowed on the couch due to potential product failure and electrocution.

Finally, if you love custom furniture, you will love Vanishing Point. With the nearly limitless options for color choices and an endless array of custom frame options, the design can be whatever you imagine.

Furniture Fair Unveils Revolutionary New Line Of See-through Furniture
Furniture Fair Unveils Revolutionary New Line Of See-through Furniture

Ready To See The Vanishing Point Collection For Yourself?

Now that you know about the newest collection here at Furniture Fair, you will be ready to find out if a new see-through sectional, couch, or armchair is right for you. Your next furniture decision could be the best thing you’ve never laid eyes on.

Remember that Vanishing point is a Made-in-USA collection that features see-through nanotechnology, allowing you to create a space without intrusive furniture getting in the way of your design.

Don’t forget that while highly advanced, the collection is also highly customizable, with custom options left up to your imagination and a massive fabric color selection. Finally, remember that SOUNDWAIV will guarantee that you have no liability claims if you trip over the see-through furniture.

You can learn more about Furniture Fair’s newest line of see-through living room furniture here, or you can schedule an appointment to see through it in person at one of our many showrooms located throughout Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, and Louisville.