Snap Finance

DURING THESE CHALLENGING TIMES, we can help you get what you need with a lease-to-own financing solution that is faster and safer. SnapExpress allows you to apply on your own device and check out with a virtual card that works just like a debit or credit card.

It's safer.

Snap Finance gives you a safe distance with “no touch” financing that allows you to apply on your own device.

It's faster.

Once you have been approved, enter the 16-digit number from the virtual card to check out. That’s it!

It's reliable.

Be assured that Snap’s friendly, dedicated support is there for you, no matter what’s going on in the world.

Snap Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How does a Furniture Fair customer apply for SnapExpress?
A.  Furniture Fair will text an application link from their portal or have the customer (that's you!) text your Merchant ID 37386 to shop online or 48078 to shop in-store to get started.

Q.  What is a virtual card?
A.  SnapExpress creates a virtual card that allows your customer to complete their lease-purchase.

Q.  Is the virtual card a credit card?
A.  No. It’s a one-time-use virtual card that allows customers to complete their lease-purchase.

Q.  How does a Furniture Fair associate use your virtual card for payment?
A.  We ask you for the 16-digit number and hand key it into our credit card terminal at the register. Standard card not present rates apply.

Q.  What information is needed in the invoice portion of the process?
A.  We just need a short description for each leased item. This can include details like brand, color, size, SKU, etc. Don’t worry about adding things like taxes, delivery charges, or other fees.
Brown leather sectional
Goodyear tires 205x55x16
Maytag washing machine, white
Purple 4 mattress, king

Q.  How do I process a return?
A.  All returns should be made to the original form of payment. The customer will need to access the virtual card using a link sent via text or email when they were approved. This link can always be re-sent by our customer service team. Snap will update the customer’s account once the return is fully processed.

SnapExpress No Touch Financing