Arula Power Lift Recliner

Mega Motion 076777

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The Arula Lift Chair will elevate your relaxation with its versatile functions that redefine comfort. Immerse yourself in an infinite range of positions – lay flat, recline, or use the lift function for seamless transitions. The unique tilt, similar to a rocking chair, creates a zero-gravity sensation, distributing weight evenly. The five-motor comfort system, including a power-tilt headrest and adjustable lumbar support, is all driven with a convenient toggle remote, allowing you to effortlessly find your ideal position. Stay cozy with a three-zone heating system and store essentials in easy-to-reach side pockets. This recliner is designed for long lasting, head-to-toe comfort and support. Complete with a hassle-free backup, the lithium battery pack is there to keep you going during power outages. Transform your relaxation into an enriching experience with the Arula Power Lift Recliner.

If you or a loved one needs assistance sitting down or standing back up, Arula is the perfect choice to regain mobility and confidence.

★ Power Lift Chair
★ Power Recline
★ Power Headrest
★ Power Lumbar
★ 5 Motor, Infinite Position
★ 3 Zone Heat
★ Zero Gravity Tilt
★ USB Charger
★ Wireless Phone Charger
★ Cup Holder
★ Lithium Battery Back Up Pack
★ Heavy Duty Steel Lift Mechanism
★ Hardwood / Plywood Frame Construction
★ Storage Pockets on Each Side
★ Supportive Chaise Pad Construction
★ Weight Limit: 375 lbs
★ Item Weight: 175 lbs
★ Material: Polyester (Cover: Elephant)

W40" x D42" x H43"

Two Years Parts and Service

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