October 06, 2017 1 min read

Updated January 18, 2021

Do you ever go shopping for your children and think, “Wow, where was that when I was kid?” We know just how you feel. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite wish-we-had-as-a-child pieces. Maybe your kids will be lucky enough to have some of these in their rooms.

1. A unique kids bed:

The youth beds of today have definitely evolved from the beds of yesteryears and feature everything from lights and USB ports to functional storage options.

cool kids bed

2. The bed that screams for sleepovers every weekend:

When it comes to a coold bunk bed, your kids might just be fighting with each other for the bottom instead of the top. A bed with a slide-out trundle is also perfect for sleepovers. It would be tragic to not have their friends over.

kids bed with trundle

3. The inner-diva vanity mirror:

Every little diva needs a place to get glam. Try a unique accent mirror mounted above a small desk.


4. Hide-it-all bed:

Remember when your parents would constantly nag you to pick up your toys and organize your room? Look for a bed that holds the power to instantaneously make any room look more organized.

kids storage bed

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