May 22, 2024 3 min read

The Promise of Peace of Mind

When you invest in new furniture, you're not just buying a piece to fill a space in your home—you're choosing comfort, style, and functionality that should meet or exceed your expectations. At Furniture Fair, we understand the significance of this investment, which is why we have established comprehensive policies to ensure your satisfaction. This article will guide you through what to expect if something goes wrong and how we prioritize making it right.


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Furniture Being Delivered

What to Expect if There's an Issue

Immediate Resolution at Delivery

Upon delivery, if you notice that your furniture is not what you ordered or it arrives damaged, you don’t have to accept it as is. Our delivery team is trained to handle these situations professionally and efficiently. Simply inform them of the discrepancy and they will contact our Customer Care Department and get the steps necessary to resolve the issues

Post Delivery Concerns

Sometimes, issues may not be apparent until after our delivery team has left. Whether it’s a minor imperfection or a malfunction, you are not alone in resolving these concerns. Our Customer Care Department is open Mon-Sat, 11:00am til 8:00 pm, to assist you in getting your concerns taken care of. We handle each case individually to provide the best and fastest solution for you. We have an excellent team of service technicians, that are proficient craftsmen in the areas of upholstery and casegood items. In the event your merchandise is not repairable, we will work with the factories to get your replacement items to you as quickly as possible.

Long-Term Commitment to Excellence

At Furniture Fair, we aim to make every customer a lifelong patron. Our approach to resolving issues isn't just about immediate fixes but about building trust and satisfaction that lasts. This is part of our family-owned ethos—to treat each customer's concerns as if they were our own, ensuring that we are a company you would be proud to recommend to others.

Your Advocates in Customer Care

Our dedicated in-house customer care team, based in Ohio, along with your sales representative and store manager, are always ready to advocate for you and resolve any issues. This robust support ensures that you will always have someone knowledgeable and caring to talk to if you're not completely satisfied.

Furniture Fair Call Center Representative
satisfied customers enjoying their furniture


In an industry where perfection is hard to guarantee, Furniture Fair stands out by ensuring we address every concern with a personal touch and professional resolve. Our high delivery success rate reflects our overall efficiency and commitment to quality. Before you decide where to shop, consider asking about call center wait times, the expertise of the repair team, and how delivery personnel are connected to the company. These details matter and distinguish Furniture Fair as a great choice for furniture that truly makes your house a home.

Choose Furniture Fair, not just as a retailer, but as a partner in making your home beautiful and functional, with the peace of mind that we are here to support you every step of the way. When you are in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Indianapolis, or Louisville area, head over to any of Furniture Fair's 12 locations and check out the many furniture options available on our sales floor. With stylish options at every price point, we are sure to have the right piece for you!