August 29, 2017 2 min read

Last edited January 13, 2021

Buying furniture is complicated. So many things to consider, so many options, and so many companies to choose from. Our goal at Furniture Fair is to make this process easier by giving buyers a large selection of high-quality furniture. The exemplary craftsmanship demonstrated by Smith Brothers of Berne is just one of the reasons we recommend them so enthusiastically. Here are seven reasons why a Smith Brothers piece should be your next furniture purchase:

Furniture that lasts a lifetime: All their furniture frames are made of hardwood maple with built-in legs, reinforced joints, and strong base rails. Quality comes first in their book, and they have a 90-year track record to back it up.

smith brothers furniture being made in the factory

Comfort: Your furniture is a fundamental piece of your home, and we get that. It’s where you relax, sleep, and just hang out after a long day of work. Smith Brothers uses top-quality foam, spring systems and framing to give you that extra level of comfort.

Benchmade in-house: Smith Brothers refuses to deliver something to you that they didn’t construct themselves. Instead of outsourcing their framing, their lumber is cut and assembled by in-house experts right in their factory in Berne, Indiana.

Just for you: Smith Brothers furniture is made-to-order, which means you call the shots when it comes to color, texture, and fabric. Their furniture works with you, not the other way around.

Get it fast: Buying furniture can be tough work. After all that decision-making, they want you to enjoy your new furniture as soon as possible. They deliver in weeks, not months, in their very own trucks so that your pieces arrive quickly and in pristine condition.

Beautiful Furniture - Smith Brothers Fabric

Quality you can count on: Save yourself from worrying about the “what-ifs.” In case anything does happen to your Smith Brothers furniture, they have your back with a lifetime warranty. And so does Furniture Fair, a Cincinnati Better Business Bureau Torch Award Winner for Marketplace Ethics.

Be a part of history: Every piece of furniture is signed by those who worked on it. They’re an American company with over 90 years of history and have always had a strong community presence.

Have questions about how to choose the best piece for your home? A member from the Furniture Fair Interior Design Team is waiting to help you.