Out Cold Pillow

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This pillow is as cool as it sounds. You'll be out cold in seconds with this pillow under your head. Sleep warm or always flipping your pillow to the cool side? You need this pillow in your life ASAP. The cover is machine washable and the best part is that the cooling effect never wears off! It's embedded into the fabric so it will stay as cool as the day you bought it. It's your traditional pillow shape (now you know why we call it the traditional) and has our standard memory foam core that is huggable, flexible, and lightweight. Tend to flip your pillow over at night? No worries! It's the same shape on both sides and has the same level of support. This pillow is great for stomach sleepers and people who switch positions at night. You get the comfort and support you need in any sleep position. Did we mention it's made right here in the USA? This is the best cooling pillow you will find. 
★ Made in USA
★ Memory Foam Poured In Michigan
★ Airier Mf For Less Heat Retention
★ Huggable Lightweight & Flexible
★ Dual Cover (Coolluxe & Teddy Bear)
★ Washable, Hypoallergenic Cover
W25 x D16 x H6
3 Year Warranty
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