December 18, 2018 3 min read


‘Tis the season for getting festive, but that doesn’t mean you have to fall back on the same tired holiday decor you’ve been dragging out of the attic every year since 1992. Far from the fake poinsettias and ceramic Christmas trees of yesteryear, today’s seasonal décor options are as varied and stylish as the interiors they adorn. But if the endless options for fall and winter redecorating have you feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry: Furniture Fair has your definitive guide to seasonal sprucing up, and it’s right here.


1. Make functional updates. Weather-specific upgrades that serve a practical purpose keep your holiday guests feeling ultra-comfortable. They also remind your family that this is a special time of year, when belly-warming feasts and game nights in front of a crackling fire make your space feel homier than ever. An easy way to add some welcome warmth is with a fireplace insert, like this one from Seasonal Design by Ashley with its realistic wood-burning flame effect and thermostat heating device. Little touches like an umbrella stand by the door feel hugely thoughtful to a guest who’s just coming in from the cold and rain.

2. Set a seasonal table. Nothing speaks to late fall abundance like a dining table brimming with goodness, simply add a colorful table runner and top it whatever centerpieces your heart desires. Tuck a few stems of seasonal flowers and greens into elegant vessels, like this pair of sophisticated gold leaf Marcon Vases from The Import Collection. Fill decorative bowls, like these rough-cut, richly textured Chantil Bowls, with seasonal fruits like pomegranates and persimmons. And if you plan to seat your guests at the card table this year, your dining table itself may need an upgrade. This classic, dark-finish Mango X-Back Dining Set by Holland House comes with two 13-inch leaves that can be added for extra holiday company.

3. Take advantage of surface space. Chances are you have plenty of display space around your house that’s not getting much love. Credenzas, bookshelves and wall shelving can all play supporting roles in your seasonal decorating. Accent chests can be topped with candlesticks, string lights,


jars of cranberries and mini evergreen trees. Bookcases can be lined with colored paper for a noncommittal but high-impact seasonal statement. And if you’re already well-stocked on holiday flair, curiosare a great way to make sure you display all of your festive treasures—from great-grandma’s antique Nativity set to that funky pine cone sculpture you picked up on your trip to Holland last summer.

4. Add wintry art. Wall art and sculptures are great ways to infuse your space with seasonally appropriate aesthetic. Black-and-white photography and neutral color schemes look great in winter, like this soothing “Snowed In” canvas printfrom Streamline art. This elegant pair of copper- and bronze-finished Winter Morning wall sculptures by BJ Keith Designs and these antiqued metal Windy Woods tree sculptures are perfect for lending a snow-season feel to your space while still maintaining a sleek and modern look.

5. Weave in nods to nature. No one knows seasonal change better than Mother Nature herself. Bring the outside in by adding natural elements, like this

dramatic, seven-foot red Ficus in a stylish metal planter, perfect for cheering up an uninteresting entryway. Add a subtle splash of warm, fall color with this decorative onion grass in a unique banana leaf basket, or make an unforgettable statement with this cymbiduim orchid and with fiery mixed foliage. Nature-inspired pieces also offer the added benefit of longer use, making it easier to transition your décor in later months.

6. Switch up your textiles. You wouldn’t wear linen in winter and your house shouldn’t either. Choose solid fabrics in heavier textures to instantly up your home’s comfy factor. Plush rugs like this gorgeous shag Impact Rug by Dalyn Rug Company provide welcome protection from frigid floors; swapping out throws and accent pillows for thicker ones in seasonal hues easily takes your bedroom and living space to a whole new level. And don’t forget to pile on the fluffy winter bedding; this abstract Swank Duvet Set from Rizzy Home has “cozy on a chilly night” written all over it. Remember: When it comes to tasteful seasonal decorating, let your personal style be your compass and you’re guaranteed not to stray too far off course!