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Anyone who has spent time shopping at Furniture Fair understands how much our company values family. From the very first store to our current locations in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, Furniture Fair has been family owned, and we pride ourselves on working with many family-owned furniture manufacturers.

One family-owned furniture company that is also made in the USA is Best Home Furnishings. In this article, you will learn a little more about why we partnered with this great American upholstered furniture brand and why we continue to sell their custom furniture upholstery.

After reading this article, you will learn a little bit more about the behind-the-scenes of the Best Home Furniture company and learn a bit more about the custom furniture manufacturer and their product history. So take a peek behind the fabric with us and learn more about the story of Best Home Furnishings.

Who Is Best Home Furnishings?

Best Home Furnishings began in 1962 when two men pooled their shared knowledge of chair design and formed Best Chairs. Best founder Clem Lange initially re-upholstered truck seats for the growing overland freight industry but quickly realized there was a market for quality upholstered home furnishings.

Today that little empire has expanded into Best Home Furnishings, a company with over 1,000 employees making made-in-the-USA furniture. Best Home products are made in Ferdinand, Indiana, and have a proud heritage of Made-in-the-USA quality with accessible prices.

The company's success story began with a specific theme: make the best quality product at the most affordable price. While the Best Home Furnishings of today no longer resembles the Best Chairs of yesterday, one thing has remained constant: the commitment to quality and customers’ total satisfaction.

The Best Home Furnishings company manufactures customizable living room seating such as accent chairs, recliners, sofas, sectionals, and loveseats for less cost to the customer than most major USA-based manufacturers.

Best Home Furnishings Family Commitment

Best is a family-owned company through and through. Three generations of family relations have worked at Best in multiple capacities throughout the company. To this day, the company is dedicated to keeping that family-owned and operated status intact.

Janae Lange-Wendholt says, “I’ve worked every summer here since I was 14 years old.” Janae is currently the Head of Product Design at Best Home Furnishings. Janae proudly states, “I love being a part of my family’s legacy.” Janae is the third generation of her family to work at Best Home Furnishings and the granddaughter of the company founder Clem Lange.

As Head of Product Design, Janae oversees the design process of new products and helps make sure that the entire manufacturing process is designed to go smoothly. From her first commercial chair design to her current position, Janae has upheld her family’s commitment to family, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Best Home & American Manufacturing

One of the great things about Best Home Furnishings is that they manufacture custom recliner or furniture designs for almost everybody. Style, size, design, and fabric options are all of the options a customer has when creating custom upholstered furniture with Best. You can see the custom living room furniture options in person when you visit Furniture Fair.

Best Home Furnishings is also one of the quickest-shipping custom furniture brands available at Furniture Fair. Our sales experts love recommending them to anyone looking to get fast, affordable custom furniture for their home.

“Our quality is really important to us,” Jenae says. “We spend a lot of time making sure that things run through the manufacturing plant smoothly.” In addition to quality Best Home Furnishings also has a manufacturing time of around five business days, making Best one of the quickest custom manufacturers in the industry.

Ready To Learn More About Best Home Furnishings?

Family-owned American businesses are not as prevalent as they used to be. However, thankfully, Best Home Furnishings is still owned and operated by the same family present during its founding.

The dedication to family, quality, and customer satisfaction that founded the company is still present today, and that commitment is reflected in all of their made-in-USA products. Check out the links below for more information about the features, benefits, and custom options available to you. Best Home Furnishings may have the perfect upholstery furniture option for you.

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If you want to see the Best Home quality for yourself, visit one of our Furniture Fair locations in Cincinnati, Dayton, Northern Kentucky, Southern Indiana, or Louisville, and test the quality for yourself.