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Tranquility Plush Mattress

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The Tranquility Plush Mattress is foam encased and feature a perimeter of foam around the coil system to produce a sturdy edge and diminish the roll effect often felt on all-coil produced mattresses 

Features & Benefits: 
- The Convoluted Symbol Foam increases air circulation and prevents your body from becoming too hot during sleep while reducing pressure points. 
- Our High Profile Spectrum Coil Support Unit uses 21% more coils than the industry average which means more support for your body 
- Our High Profile Spectrum Coil Support uses Active Support Technology allows your muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position. The coil unit adjusts instantly to your sleep movements.
- The Foam Encased Perimeter Support allows you to sleep right to the edge and still feel supported which eliminates the roll off feeling at the edge and allows you to sit comfortably on the edge without it feeling like it is going to collapse. 
- Our Symbol Foam adds profile and support to the unit.

★ Made in USA  
★ Hypersoft Foam
★ Foam Encased Coil Support System
★ 540 Tri-Zone Spectrum Coil
★ Eco Friendly
★ Can Not Be Used On Adjustable Bases

 - W39 x D75 x H10

 - W39 x D80 x H10

 - W54 x D75 x H10

 - W60 x D80 x H10

 - W76 x D80 x H10

10 Years Non-Prorated Warranty
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