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Position Pillow

Bedgear Performance Bedding 047519

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The Position Pillow series feature a Dri-Tec fabric which manages both moisture and heat. Stomach sleepers are soft and conforming,moving with you to fill facial contours. Back sleepers are a perfect combination of flexible and firm. Gradulated fibers cradle your skull base and self level to reduce neck strain. Side sleepers recharge with high-profile pressure relief.Recovery fibers maintain performance and eliminate neck compression. These pillows act as "A Bed for Your Head" and will help you sleep dryer, cooler and better.
★ Perfect Mix Of Flex & Firm Fibers
★ Dri-Tec High Performance Cover
★ Wicks Away Heat And Moisture
★ Gussets Let Heat Escape From Sides
W25 x D16 x H6
1 year warranty
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