Florentine Euro Top Mattress

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The Florentine Euro Top mattresses are a part of our Class Comfort Series which features spring unit mattresses which have been the standard of the mattress industry and part of a restful sleep since the 1930s.  They are the most ecological, allowing for an affordable investment for anyone.  The coils provide the main support for the body and are important for a good night of sleep and allow you to wake less achy and groggy. 

Features & Benefits: 

- The innerspring is very supportive in keeping the back aligned which results in a good nights sleep. 

- Our High Profile Spectrum Coil Support ensures a consistent feel and quality along with long- term durability of the innersprings. 

- The Insulator Rug Pad is a support pad to protect the coils. 

★ Made in USA
★ Euro Top Mattress
★ 1" Hypersoft Foam
★ 1" Symbol Foam
★ High Profile 7" Spectrum 504 Coil
★ Support System 13 Gauge Wire
★ Made in Watertown, WI USA

   W39 D75 H8.5

   W54 D75 H8.5

   W60 D80 H8.5

   W76 D80 H8.5

1 Year Full Warranty with 5 Year Prorated Warranty

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