February 20, 2019 3 min read

Last edited January 13, 2021

You read the book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, cover to cover. Twice. You binge-watched all eight episodes of the Netflix show—Tidying Up With Marie Kondo—in a single day. You carted eight trash bags full of clothes, a pile of old magazines the size of a small car, and the lion’s share of your mismatched Tupperware collection to Goodwill. And yet, your house still feels cluttered.

Why? It might be because you haven’t invested in the right kinds of furniture. See, there’s no doubt that Kondo fever has swept the nation and we’re all in the mood to purge anything that doesn’t spark joy. But a very important question remains: What items do we need to add to our lives to make sure things stay organized and clutter-free? The answer is multifunctional furniture—the kind that takes up minimal space but provides maximal value, whether that means keeping your joy-sparking jewelry collection organized or investing in a quality sofa that doubles as a bed for guests (also, hopefully, of the joy-sparking varietal) without taking up any unnecessary space in your home. Not sure where to start? Let this handy piece by piece guide from Furniture Fair lead the way.



1. A sofa that doubles as a bed. Sure, you could set aside an entire room for the rare overnight visitor, but why not reclaim that space as your own and turn it into something you’ll actually use every day, like a home office or a meditation room, or that art studio you’ve been itching for? As Marie Kondo likes to say, “The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life,” and investing in a quality sofa bed just might be your ticket to the life you’ve always wanted. With plush cream-colored upholstery and a classic minimalist design, this piece is a study in function and comfort. Choose from twin, full, or queen-sized mattresses that will have your guests snoozing soundly thanks to a high quality memory foam mattress. And once they depart? Poof. Fold that baby back up and the room is yours again.

sleeper sofa

2. A mirror that does more than reflect. Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the most organized of them all? You, darling, if you invest in a gorgeous new mirror, which opens up to reveal an almost shocking amount of invisible storage space. On the outside, a generously proportioned full length mirror sits inside a sturdy painted wood frame that adjusts for the best angle. Inside, there are special hooks and compartments for necklaces, rings, earrings, and even small toiletries like lotions and nail polish. Plus, a secondary interior mirror for covert try-ons without swinging the door shut. Voila!

home accent mirrors

3. The side table to end all side tables. Living rooms aren’t exactly known for their storage potential, but smart purchases like this Laflorn Power Side Table can change all that. Available in a variety of colors and finishes, this small but mighty piece of furniture offers all kinds of surprise storage solutions, from interior shelving for blankets and board games to hidden cup holders to a handy flip-up top panel that reveals a secret power port—perfect for charging all your devices without an unsightly mess of wires snaking over and around your couch. Marie would be so proud!

4. Two beds in one…and then some. Pull up a mental picture of your kid’s bedroom, and look under the bed. Do you sigh with pleasure or gasp in horror? For most of us, it’s the latter, which means we’re wasting a particularly valuable piece of storage real estate. Lucky for us, we've got trundle beds, which earns the gold medal when it comes to multifunctionality. At first glance, you see a handsomely built cherry wood bed with lovely cupped pewter hardware. But pull on the top drawers underneath and out comes—not only a generous amount of storage space, but an entire second bed! It’s perfect for making the most of children’s rooms or adding extra space for guests. Out of sight, out of mind—until you need it!

5. The ultimate in entertainment. Even Marie Kondo understands the joy of Netflix, so there’s no need to toss your beloved television. [Insert sigh of relief here.] But storing it in a tidy manner is crucial, which is where this Madison County Entertainment Wall comes into play. Put your TV in the middle and arrange other necessary components like cable boxes and gaming consoles inside the wall’s wide variety of shelves, drawers, and storage compartments. There’s even space for books, art, and select mementos that deserve a place in the spotlight—remember, a thing can’t spark joy if you can’t see it!