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October 10, 2019 3 min read

Fall is dining season, and Furniture Fair has the style and selection of dining room furnishings to make your dining room the heart of the party, at the affordable prices you’ve come to expect. So often, the dining room sits neglected for months at a time. It shouldn’t be! With the holidays approaching, Furniture Fair wants to make sure your dining room is where you want to be – hosting awesome parties, surrounded by your family and friends, feasting on delicious food. Read on for some helpful suggestions on how to make your dining room truly the centerpiece of your home.

Dining Sets

Where else to start but the heart of the dining room — the table itself? The type of dining room table you have says a lot about the vibe of your family experience. The Paladin Table from Emerald Home Furnishings makes a bold first impression, with its natural worn-wood gray tones and modern farmhouse appeal. The Benjamin Dining Table doubles down on rustic flair, with metal turnbuckles and industrial metal bolts. For a more intimate, traditional feel, consider the simple elegance of The Ravine Dining Table.

Chairs can make a difference too. Spindle-backed chairs are in, from the farmhouse motif to the classic Dublin chair. Those uninterested in mix-and-match can choose from Furniture Fair’s wide variety of dining sets, like the Madison County Dining Set or the Findlay Pub Dining Set. A dining set makes a cohesive statement and often dictates the furnishings for the rest of the room.

madison county dining set

Credenzas & Cabinets

A functional dining room has a place to store the china. Multi-functionality is on trend this year, as cabinets like the Benjamin Sideboard or the Athens sideboard can add counter space in addition to storage. The Madison County Server and Hutch Barnwood pairs deep wooden hues and sophisticated craftsmanship with tons of space, both in display and in the cabinet drawers. Those looking to have the wine on deck might consider a Tanner Wine Cabinet or a Nature’s Edge Server stashed along the wall. All of these additions provide decorative counter space perfect for wreaths, candles or family heirlooms – all perfect ways to make the room unique to you.

Benjamin Sideboard


Your friends and family want tons of places to nosh! Complete your dining room by providing nooks with comfortable seating. Think outside the box and use the Wallingford Bench to create a midcentury modern accent to your dining room. Or consider a Telluride Counter Bench to encourage close connection. Running out of space? Many of Furniture Fair’s benches include storage areas to keep your dining room tidy and inviting. Bringing the family together is easy when everyone is able to sit and relax.

Dining room bench


Give your dining room that comfy, lived-in feel by accessorizing to your unique taste. A rug is the perfect way to make your dining room stand out in a way that reflects your sensibilities. From the desert chic of the Mojave Rug to the Moroccan charm of the Casablanca Sol Rug, the wild patterns of the Brentwood Links or the bold statement of the Korba Red Rug, Furniture Fair has the accent you need. Dining room a bit too dim? Light up and class up the room by installing an Angelina Chandelier above the table or adding an Avizza Table Lamp to your new sideboard. There are so many style options to choose from that there’s no way you can come away empty-handed.

All of these stylish upgrades to your dining room will make your holiday dining season the toast of the town. Furniture Fair can provide the vibe and setting; all you have to do is make the memories.

Furniture Fair has been offering quality home furnishings at fair prices with exemplary service since 1963. With financing available and next-day delivery, getting your dining room outfitted for the holidays has never been easier. Come on in to one of Furniture Fair’s locations around Cincinnati, Dayton, or Louisville, or shop right from home at furniturefair.net today!


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